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Added: September 14, 2004

The DC EP was recorded in Washington,DC at Inner Ear studios. It is owned by Don Zientra and it is where Fugazi and most of the other Discord artists record. My friend Ian Mackaye had been encouraging me to come out and record, and I had been wanting to do these songs with Jerry Busher playing drums. I first met Jerry in the spring of 1999 at the same time I met Fugazi. He was their tech as well as playing the second drum set on some songs. He is one my favorite drummers. He is in currently in a group called French Toast (with James Canty of the Make Up) and he has another group called The All Scars.

The sessions were produced by Ian. It was interesting for me to leave a lot of the production type ideas to someone else. Even though we recorded and mixed four songs in two days, it was a very relaxed session and more like a vacation than work. Ian is one of the only living people who I really respect and look up to, so it was an honor and a pleasure as well as a great learning experience to hear his perspective. It was also interesting for me to do a recording without any of my equipmentÅ the lesson being that it still sounds like me.

For the solos I borrowed Guy Picciotto's Les Paul Junior from the Rites of Spring days. This guitar was played through Ian's Marshall head that is pictured on the cover of Fugazi's Red Medicine. This EP is also unique in that it is the only album I have done in the last five years with no synthesizer whatsoever. Jerry, Ian and I all hope to make more music together.

- John Frusciante