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Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World

We Are A Happy Family: A Tribute To The Ramones

We Are A Happy Family: A Tribute To The Ramones

Song: Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World
Artist/Band: Various Artists
Album: We Are A Happy Family: A Tribute To The Ramones
Release Date: 11th February 2003
Label: Sony
Mediums: CD, digital

With cover drawing by Rob Zombie and special liner notes by director Steven King, the tribute album was done to benefit lymphoma research foundation. Red Hot Chili Peppers contribute the track number 1, a cover of Havana Affair.

John, however, also gets a special thank you from Johnny Ramone. The hidden track is not mentioned anywhere in the credits, but it's him, performing an unique rendention of Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World off the punk legends' self-titled debut from 1976. He's playing the acoustic guitar and singing both lead and backing vocals. The tune is almost gospel-like, following the older practice of slowing down fast songs, which John already did when he covered Bad Brains' Big Takeover on Niandra LaDes And Usually A T-Shirt.

John does not sing the censored first line, "I'm a shock trooper in a stupor, yes I am." rather the unaltered "I'm a Nazi baby, I'm a Nazi yes I am" which Ramones changed for the official release due to complaints; and the instrumental intro is a vocal melody instead; but it lasts as long as the original song's intro.

It is often incorrectly assumed that Anthony Kiedis and Flea are singing backing vocals on this song. They obviously are not.

Some reviewers noted that this cover is creepy.

This release is also the only solo song by John that was not on one of his solo albums and one of only three cover songs he did that were recorded in a studio, as opposed to dozens that he played live.

On some of his live shows, John sung other Ramones' songs, I Just Wanna Have Something To Do and Havana Affair. On a Ramones tribute in 2003, he joined Pearl Jam as the third guitarist, for rendentions of Daytime Dillema and I Believe In Miracles.

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