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    Stadium Arcadium 180 gram vinyl to be reissued for Record Store Day

    Red Hot Chili Peppers' critically acclaimed 2006 double album and their last so far with John will be re-issued on 180 gram vinyl for the 2012 record store day, to honour the band's Rock and Roll Hall of fame entry. If you did not get it before and you aren't willing to pay more than its face value through second-hand marketplaces, this could be your chance.

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    Guitar World’s GUITAR HEROES! DVD

    Guitar World have assembled a collection of their most memorable video tutorials by guest guitar stars and made it available to people who aren’t into hunting back issues, or they just plain want a DVD. John’s feature from 2006 is also on this DVD. John Frusciante: Rhythm Workand Soloing James Brown–style funk Single-note fun Two-note chord/melody ideas Stretching and compressing time when soloing The DVD comes with a digital booklet in PDF format, containing tabs, its running time is 90 minutes and it can be purchased at the GW online store. There is a trailer, too. For all of you who got onto the bandwagon later or did not know…

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    (It seems that) The Empyrean can be preordered…

    It looks like Record Collection Music store’s John section was updated with prices of The Empyrean CD and LP which are now available for pre-order. There also are bundles containing of a LP or a CD + a men’s or women’s T-shirt. Everything else, apart from the posters and vinyls of Curtains and AWII seems to be back in stock, too. Many thanks to Travis for the heads-up!

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    Site updates, 05th October 2007

    …and I feel like annoucing that on the 7th anniversary of the beloved 05th October overtrow🙂 The software the website is running on has been upgraded…what does that mean? There have been complainments about the site running too slow. This should help, as the creators of WordPress said that the most recent version of their software has 800% bigger speed as one of its main features. I would appreciate users’ feedback on this. The URL to the gallery is no longer gallery.php or wp-gallery2.php. Both of those URLs will be redirected to /gal . The URLs to albums and individual photos, however, did not change. The “Email this page” page…

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    Snow (Hey Oh)

    This was out while the site was down, so I thought I’d give you a heads up anyway. The new RHCP single, Snow (Hey Oh) is available for purchase. Here’s a link to part 1, featuring an awesome instrumental Permutation (yes, you guessed, it’s one of those amazing Californication intros) as the bonus track: click here. Here’s a link to part 2, with the bonus tracks I’ll Be Your Domino (a very funky Mother’s Milk-style song) and Funny Face (a surprising raggae-style song with a very cool guitar solo at the end): click here Here’s a bit of the review from Ultimate Guitar: One of the album’s catchiest tracks,” touted…

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    iTunes originals

    (from RHCP official site): In March, the band filmed a special live session and interview for iTunes, discussing their entire career. The Red Hot Chili Peppers Video iTunes Originals will be available starting Tuesday, September 12. This collection includes six live performances, videos going all the way back to “Fight Like A Brave” and an in depth interview. This will be available in U.S., Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Ireland, and Luxembourg. 1 “iTunes Originals” 2 “Give It Away” 3 “Working with Rick Rubin” 4 “Fight Like a Brave” 5 “Power & Life & Purpose” 6 “Under The Bridge (iTunes Originals Version)” 7 “Sometimes You Just Know That It’s It”…

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    Stadium Arcadium – Special Edition Guitar Book with 2 CDs

    (picked from OHG.org) On this site and this site you can buy the new Stadium Arcadium – Special Edition Guitar Book with 2 CDs for 39.95 US dollars. Here’s a description: This first-of-its-kind publication allows you to hear John Frusciante’s guitar tracks and Flea’s bass tracks like never before! According to the All Music Guide, The string instruments are the reason to listen to Stadium Arcadium … they push and pull, rave and rumble, lie back and rock out. The CDs isolate the guitar and bass tracks from the original recording, so you can listen as you learn from the music in the book. This special edition is the brainchild…