John Frusciante - Smile From The Streets You Hold

I’m Always

Only time can shove you
Through an invisible door
In the bottom of the ocean
I threw a bird at the sky
And someone told me that
You’d better close your eyes
And I said: “Don’t you wonder sometimes
Why I paddle through the clouds in my oversized
Canoe, but I’m always on your side?”
Can you feel it?
My love’s flowing outta my sides
You’ve been asked to fly
I tossed you to some lie, yeah
It’s, you see, my fish needs to thrive
As long as I’m alive

Aside from the leaves that fall, you know,
It’s been justified
You gotta take it in straight
Besides the nightmares that lie before you
You’ve always found
A reason to stay happy, to be alive
If you look closely, you’ll always find
Signals that make your mind grind
But those are just a mind-fucker tad lie
You’ll always
Have control of your life
Go with the feeling, that’s right!
You know, man, all the media may try-yeah
But my beautiful spirit
Is glued to my e-e-eye.

*Transcribed by me