John Frusciante - From The Sounds Inside

Innerstate Sex

Being your man is that dream I’m after
Agony even eases, it satisfies
Taking time is a way of life
Darkness speaks you to dreams, you know what
I’ll be your kind aviator
Between your holes
I won’t just get up
Another time
Chess board play down
You go places they don’t take you

We believe to go to faces
It’s the way you all arrive
Outta place where it combines
Every moment that once’s made you feel right
The days all your being will be in light dancing
When you go
The way you come back
Hearing things you say makes me blind
It’s all right, the seasons change

Innerstate innerstate innerstate innerstate
innerstate sex sex sex
innerstate sex sex sex
innerstate sex sex sex
Sex sex sex
Sex sex sex

There’s no official lyrics for this song, so we cannot guarantee that anything here is correct.

*Also known as Interstate Sex when originally made available through John’s old official site. This was a typo.