John Frusciante - From The Sounds Inside

Low Birds

Flying over the black town
Force’s calling me to get right down
Work it out again to catch my drought
Growing in, these facts unpay

Grab the right direction
No one else could penetrate time

Learning used to move the grass above all time
Past moving up and all futures go back
Look at where you are, you find no trace of now
Going around is the only places you’re free
Low birds, you are the full taste to this redrawn town
Low birds, you are the full taste to this redrawn town

You say what you want and it’s yours til you die
To come up, you float down
And through an agony flow
You grow back with your face down
The grass bound in fields
You glow bright and
You, you will always hear this song

You can always have this back
It’s too hard when you’re just so sad
You can always just stand back to hearts
And make tears roll down your faces

There’s no official lyrics for this song, so we cannot guarantee that anything here is correct.

* The song’s real name, as it appears on the setlist for John’s All Tomorrow’s Parties festival performance in April 2005.
* Also known as Lou Bergs, Penetrate Time and Purity.