These words are in my face
It’s over now, it’s over now
This faceless son of a switch
It’s up and down, it jumps around
One time that I can’t lie
Afraid of you, and what to do
One stops before they try
Like you and I, like you and I
One dies without a trace
It’s often now, it’s often now
These worries aren’t escapes
They lose their town, they loosen down
No one wants to be faced
With who’s inside, with what is I
Lost in the field of grace
You’re less than I, you’re less than I

We mean to scratch the surface now
Pretend to be unreasonable
It’s a good time to line them up
It’s never over til we give up

No love in the hall of the states
Just think of that, speak to that
Ma was the fish to the steak
The fiction break, the fiction break
My loosening again
Brings them on up
It’s close to but
This life in the mirror of shame
It’s closing down, we’re closer now
No sorrow to peel the flame
We blew it to hell, went all so well
He walked to his school with the shakes
We sat him down, we turned him round
His light was empty space
His thought was sound, his thought was sound
No faults from the light to the shade
Happens the same way every day


You can’t taste someone else’s taste
That’s what we do, what we’re used to
Undone with the necessary
It’s all around, it’s up to down
We rarely get confused
But when we do, we really do
I like to sing this song
Rolls on and on, and on and on