John Frusciante - Smile From The Streets You Hold

Smile From The Streets You Hold

It’s been so long
Since I’ve felt the heat of the sun on my paw
You’re the one who knows me best
Put your things, put your plan to the test
You’re a smile from the streets
You hold my heart in my hands, well, I’ll be
Oh, you’re always on the deep climb
You take another sip of wine
A toast to us
You’re the one with the stars

You held the sign for the one that you are
That you
That you
That you
That you

You’re the one in the sky
When you go
You know you’re where the planets grow
You’re in the sun
I’ll face that
You gooooo

[1]The lyrics are suddenly overlayed by guitar for a couple of seconds, as if something was supposed NOT to be heard.