John Frusciante - From The Sounds Inside

The Battle Of Time

Seems to be away is to be here now
I feel I may be far at all
I’ve got these roads to deceive me
I’ve been lost on them all
You’ve got a mouth to feed you
I’ve got a man inside
You see, my life

You’ve got a town to speak to
I got ready, die
I’ve got you around someway
Before I was alive
I was alive
That means you can die
You’ve got amount beneath you
You’ll always know your crime

I’ll always step asides
All the times of hate
All around, this is here, huh

You’ve got a running see-saw (it’s me inside)
That’s what I hide (to battle all the time)
I have always fought time
I know it, hey
I’m nothing, no one, nowhere