John Frusciante - The Will To Death

Time Runs Out

I didn’t lose you
In those fights I fought
I don’t owe anyone
I’ve been sleeping all night
These times I recall
They came out
They came clean
I’ve been asleep
On top of myself

I was born in the morning
I died at night
I was found in a mirror, baby
They couldn’t get me out
In these times, time runs out
It runs out…

Daydreams run along her
Feelings are goners
I’ve been sleeping
Once for all
Mirrors are water, hey
A symbol of what death is not
Catch my meaning
Once for all
I’m the ceiling
I’m the wall
You can’t stand inside with me
The reverse of me is where you must be
In truth’s place it lies
The mistakes you try
Someone must be sleeping because all is quiet
Is there nothing in the mirror when you shut the light
The dark
The light

* In the original lyrics, there’s no "baby", but it is clearly audible in both studio and live versions.