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Updated in February 2018 - good grief, the 2015 version was HOSTILE!

Every February has donation rallies. Why?

25 000-50 000 people wander by every month. They send up to 25 emails to the site per week. A lot of original research is being done regarding tracks' histories; hunting down magazine scans and live photographs, asking the professional photographers, journalists and such for permission to use their work, editing video and audio material, asking for even more permissions, correcting errors on regular, basis designing wallpapers for everyone to enjoy and...a lot more, some of which is web development & design terms most of you wouldn't want to be bothered with.

Therefore, this website is a labor of love and its editor ask no personal gain from doing this in any way - she won't benefit from any donation rally at all. If you enjoy following this site as much as she enjoys maintaining it; please donate a few bucks. Each year, the basic goal is around 250-300$; so hosting can be paid; same goes for the domain names' renewal fee. The rest - if any - is used for board software licence and plugins, competition gifts and similar lil' surprises for the visitors, and on rare occasions for magazines the scans of which have long been missing in the site's archive.

You are, of course, free to give a hat tip at any given time of the year, if you like what I'm doing here. A compulsive caffeine drinker and a bottomless food processor always needs to hone her vices while working on this stuff. A geek stereotype right there. Lasciate ogni speranza voi che c'entrate!

Make a payment to manually. Make sure you mention in the payment description. For some reason, buttons don't work where I am. O_O

Not currently possible.

Alternative solutions
If you're from Serbia, contact me so I can give you the account data you can directly send a payment to.

Western Union is also an option.

Thanks in advance!

Past Donators

The list has been removed due to a lot of people not wanting their names to show up in their potential employers' Google searches. This does not mean we do not have a copy of it and that we don't appreciate your donation, even if it was made as long as twelve years ago - we do! 🙂

There was no donation rally in 2014 and 2015.