John Frusciante unofficial – Invisible Movement

Known Issues

*Last updated: January 14th, 2018*

It's been six years and the site definitely needs a design and coding overhaul. This cannot be done at this point in time, due to personal professional problems, but once I'm 100% stable, I shall be working on that. Until then, feel free to report all the issues you encounter, as long as they're not those listed above.


- The new gallery lacks proper descriptions and attribution for albums.

- Links to the new gallery on the magazine and news pages have not been updated yet.

- The gallery is not responsive.

All of the above will be done manually. It might take some time. It's a long, tedious and boring task, and it requires salvaging information from when possible.


- These will sometimes appear when you access pretty much any page. Just hit F5, refresh or whatever the option is on your device. Still have not determined what causes it.


- Links to articles hosted on other websites redirect to the backups hosted on this website instead. This was not intended, by any means, the copies of articles are hosted on here only for archiving purposes and we prefer to redirect people to original content whenever possible. We don't steal!

- Numerous 404s on very old pages which were supposed to redirect people to new pages. These worked before.

Both of the above occur because our redirection plugin is not working properly and the plugin author and I seem not to have the right communication. This is an issue affecting many WordPress websites. We're waiting for it to be fixed.