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Volunteer Checklist

If you would like to help Invisible Movement, there are several options. You can donate money for its hosting; or help with one of the tasks below. Just make sure you look at the publishing policy and submission guidelines first; so editing would be brought to minimum.

Typing Out/Translating/Transcribing

Please, do send a note before you even start typing out or translating an article and wait for a confirmation. There were situations when people were typing the same article at the same time.

The following articles need to be typed out:
Lime Lizard, November 1991
Guitar Techniques, March 2010
Total Guitar, June 2011
Classic Rock, June 2014

The following articles need to be translated from German:
Spex, October 1991
Fachblatt, May 1992
Visions, May 1992
Visions, June 1999
Musikexpress, March 2004
Visions, March 2004 - Shadows Collide With People review only
Blond, April 2004 - in case you have a readable copy of it.
Visions, April 2006
My Entertainment Magazine, April 26th 2006
Piranha, May 2006

The following articles need to be translated from Hungarian:
Wan2, March 2009

The following articles need to be translated from Czech:
Report, July/August 2002

The following articles need to be translated from Turkish:
Blue Jean, March 2001
Blue Jean, August 2002
Blue Jean, June 2006

The following articles need to be translated from Spanish:
Rolling Stone Argentina, October 2002

The following articles need to be translated from Polish:
Gitarzysta, July 2006
Gitarzysta, September 2006
Teraz Rock, August 2007

The following articles need to be translated from French:
Guitar Part, September 1999
Guitar Part, April 2001
Rock Sound, June/July 2002
Rock Mag, August/September/October/November 2003
Guitar Extreme, July/August 2004
Rock Machine, June/July 2006
Guitar Collector, June/July/August 2007
Guitar Part, August 2007
Guitarist & Bass, May/June 2010

The following articles need to be translated from Japanese:
Crossbeat, July 1992
Rockin' On, March 2000
Rockin' On, April 2001
Rockin' On, July 2002
Rockin' On, April 2004
Guitar Breaker, January 2005
Crossbeat, May 2006
Guitar Magazine Japan, June 2006
Guitar Magazine, February 2009 (incomplete - what's already translated can be found here)
Strange Days, March 2010
Crossbeat, March 2012
Wax Poetics, August/September 2012
Outsides booklet interview, 2013 (incomplete)

- All the ex-YU; as well as Italian articles and a couple of transcripts from pages that couldn't completely fit into the scanner are currently assigned to us and that is they have not been listed here.

- If an article is not on this list and not in the articles index either, that means it is being processed or - unlikely - that it was omitted from the list by mistake.

The most of the audio and video interviews available on Invisible Movement have not been transcribed. If you would like to help, click here to see which ones have not been transcribed (the transcribed ones have a link to the transcript underneath).

Transcripts of the video material are welcome as well.

Live photographs

Live photographs are always welcome! As it is clearly visible, almost anything goes, as long as it was photographed by you or someone who would give you permission to send their photos in. However, it would be absolutely splendid if someone could dig out and scan/upload/send over any photos from 1988-1992 and more from 1998-2002, especially the photos from the 2001 solo mini-tour. The archive is pretty short on 2003 photos as well, at least compared to what has surfaced from 2004-2007, with digital cameras going mainstream and becoming more affordable.

As for 2004-2007, here are the shows with no fan-submitted photos, in case that rings a bell for anyone:

- Performances: 2, 6, 7 and 8.
- RHCP shows: 05th June (Rock am Ring), 06th June (Rock im Park), 10th June (Aerodrom 04), 27th June (Santiago de Compostella), 24th July (Osaka), 25th July (Yokohama), 28th July (Boston), 12th September, 30th September and 15th October (Los Angeles), 23rd and 24th October (Mountain View - Bridgeschool Benefit).

- RHCP shows: 20th April (Paris), 09th May (Fuse studios), 13th May (KRQQ Weenie Roast), 29th July (Fuji Rock Festival), 15th August (Boise), 16th August (Salt Lake City), 24th August (Oakland), 01st September (Los Angeles), 19th September (Saskatoon), 20th September (Winipeg), 26th October (Atlanta).

-RHCP shows: 13th January (Dallas), 23rd January (Charlotte), 27th February (Chicago), 02nd March (Des Moines), 06th March (San Antonio), 10th March (Mexico City), 07th April (Adelaide), 08th April (Melbourne), 14th April (Brisbane), 16th April (Sydney), 21st April (Auckland), 05th May (03rd Annual Hullabaloo), 05th June (Tokyo), 06th June (Osaka).

Of course, photos from shows that aren't on the list are welcome as well, as well as those from the rare events that took place in 2008 and 2010.

Help on gear used on albums and tours

The music afficionados from the Invisible Movement net forums are building up a detailed list of all of the equipment. check this thread for more information.

Help on tabs

If you would like to help creating the most complete and accurate tabs section on any John Frusciante related-website, check this thread for more information.

Show reviews

As the gigography section of the site is being reconstructed, reviews are always welcome. Of course, reviews of John's solo shows are the priority, but reviews of RHCP shows and other events are also welcome. Contact me if you'd like to send in a show review.

More ways of helping out

If you have anything to suggest, let know.