John Frusciante unofficial – Invisible Movement

2002 Channel V – John and Anthony interview

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  • Robyn

    27 boxes of pencils on Quixoticelixer?

  • DNZ

    go to about 15:35

    interesting since Johns departure.

    • Esmer

      agree kind of sad too

  • Esmer

    Loved it when John snickered around 2:50 As Anthony described his "Rub" theory

  • Esmer

    🙂 Johnisms "you know"

  • frusciante fan

    Could anyone explain to me what's that 'rub theory' about? Is it a joke? I'd appreciate some info, please!

    • frusciante fan

      I mean, I've seen Anthony do the rubbing gesture a lot, but I don't know where it comes from. Any ideas?