John Frusciante unofficial – Invisible Movement

26th April 2006 – Interview

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6 Reactions to 26th April 2006 – Interview

  1. American Ghost says:

    this presenter sucks!! Flea rules

  2. Titus_fx says:

    Grab Raab

  3. Esmer says:

    Wow this guy was annoying. Like how the guys were messing around with him for a bit. But seriously John looked bored.

  4. Anne says:

    I don't think that the interviewer sucks.

    The band sucked in my opinion in this interview except John. They came across as a little bit (maybe that's an understatement) arrogant, bored and pampered. Which is a pity, they don't need that.

    Sorry folks.

  5. Lars says:

    The bad thing about this: I'm German and I understand everything Stzefan Raab is saying -__-
    There are some things that are ... not that nice

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