John Frusciante unofficial – Invisible Movement

2Hip4TV, 1988

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  • Nina

    The first song is Organic Anti Beat Box Band. I love RHCP and their wild energy from back then. John's hair is funny in this 🙂 I wish I was born when this video was made. But I wasn't born until 1989.

  • Lucy

    Very entertaining to say the least. Guess we've all grown up a little (or a lot in some cases) since then!!!!

  • emptysoul

    it*s pretty funny...but unfortunately they*re not really playing but the songs are just played and they go crazy to it...

  • Iva

    Guys, don't abuse advanced features to post immature crap, please. 😉

  • Nemi

    John's hair is so dark! It always is from the earliest pictures and before Californication.....
    was it actually as dark as this or did he colour it back then?

  • JeanAntoineBruit

    John the Artificial at that time. Im really glad he found his true self now.