John Frusciante and Share Watson, 28th December 2011
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Truth and John in studio, working on his new album!

John Frusciante and Share Watson, 28th December 2011
John Frusciante and Share Watson, 28th December 2011
Over the past couple of days, Share Watson has been posting updates on her work in studio with John, over on her Facebook and Twitter streams. Looks like something good’s cooking.

First, in a tweet from 22nd December, she said that they will be back in studio during the following week (the week of 26th December) and working on his new album!

Then, a photograph of the two was posted as well. In subsequential tweets, it was said that Share will only be guesting on two songs on John’s new solo album (in her own words, helping). There’s no official information on when exactly this album will be out, what’s its name and what style it’s in, so we can only guess at this point.

Eventually, Watson treated everyone with a clip from the studio. You can hear John at the end, likely from his control room!

What a way to start a year – or end one, for that matter – isn’t it?

And by the way, if you have read this from @JohnFrusciante on Twitter, that’s not John, as explained many times here and on his official website. It’s some random kid in the UK area who read Share Watson’s tweets and picked on them, just like many times before. Don’t feed the troll!

* Many thanks to April and Shalhevet for keeping their eyes on all of this as this site was being finalised.

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