John is releasing an album on April 7th, as Trickfinger

The first time the phrase “fancy trick finger guitar” appeared in the credits for Swahili Blonde’s Man Meat LP in 2009, it didn’t sound like anything more than descriptive speak. Years later, Black Knights are crediting Trickfinger and referring to Trickfingers [sic] Playhouse; and a two-track digital EP surfaces over on Neurotic Yell.

Therefore, it should not come as a major surprise that John is to release a self-titled album under the Trickfinger moniker on April 7th. The album’s opening track, After Below can be previewed on Soundcloud. Trickfinger will be released on AcidTest, as sublabel of Los Angeles House & Techno label Absurd Recordings.

As per label’s notes, the album has John utilizing the classic hardware that spawned the eternal acid template; and his desire to cede control to machines has paradoxically allowed him to present a singular take on elemental dance music, a brilliant and unexpected entry into Acid Test’s growing canon of modern, 303-focused dance music.

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Trickfinger cover art
Trickfinger cover art – click to enlarge
[/left_side] [right_side] The tracklisting:

  1. After Below
  2. Before Above
  3. Rainover
  4. Sain
  5. 85h
  6. 4:30
  7. 100mc4
  8. Phurip
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To pre-order the album from anywhere in the world on CD, click here.

To pre-order it on double vinyl, click here.

Shipping is free for you folks in USA, international shipping is fairly affordable, which is great news!

UPDATE: If you’re living in Europe, you can also order vinyl and/or CD from JPC.

This is the follow-up letter, which seems to be recycling some of the long blog post from July 2012:

“I started being serious about following my dream to make electronic music, and to be my own engineer, five years ago. For the 10 years prior to that, I had been playing guitar along with a wide range of different types of programmed synthesizer and sample-based music, emulating what I heard as best as I could. I found that the languages machines forced programmers to think in had caused them to discover a new musical vocabulary…

In 2007, I started to learn how to program all the instruments we associate with acid house music and some other hardware. For about seven months I didn’t record anything. Then I started recording, playing 10 or so synced machines through a small mixer into a CD burner. This was all experimental acid house, my skills at making rock music playing no part in it whatsoever. I had lost interest in traditional songwriting and I was excited about finding new methods for creating music. I’d surround myself with machines, program one and then another and enjoy what was a fascinating process from beginning to end…”

Trickfinger promo photo
Trickfinger promo photo

We’re trying to find somebody to respond to any questions you folks may have. Meanwhile, enjoy this track and SPREAD THE WORD!

* This article was updated on January 31st 2015, with correct tracklisting; some typos were fixed as well.

* Thanks to Stefan for heads-up and Dummymag; FactMag & ResidentAdvisor for bits of the news. and Towomba for cheaper shipping options.

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