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Site updates, 07th January 2008

…on a Monday.

First of all, all the Green Fest videos have been re-uploaded, with the highest possible bitrate a .wmv file could have (2.1 Mbps) and in 640×480 resolution; so feel free to re-download them if you like it big. The links for iPod-complatible files have been fixed, thanks to Richard and Steven who pointed me out there were mistakes with some of them. If you’re having problems with videos and if they do not download completely, that is because the server is sometimes moody, I’d advice you to use something that can resume a download and download only one file at one time. That gives everyone equal chance to complete their downloads properly, so please, think of others.

Because of holidays here, enormous interest and other factors, the current playlist will stay on for one more week. There are already ideas for the one I’ll put up on 15th January, but if you have anything to suggest, feel free to.

So, this week, the new things, apart from the huge fat video special are…

  1. One set of screencaps fixed, a new one added.
  2. More magazine scans, from 2004, 2006 and 2007
  3. Two traditional art pieces and one wallpaper
  4. One more audio file of a cover song from 2001

I have fixed the links to the Rock In Rio 2006 screencaps and added descriptions for all the sets added during the previous update, I apologise for the inconvinience once again. They should be in the right section now.

Meanwhile, Flavia screencapped one of John’s 2001 solo shows, the second one held in London. Click here to enjoy the screenies.

Magazine scans
Rockin’ On, October 2004
Gittare & Bass, May 2006
Yellow Cab, June 2007

There’s even more where they’re coming from, but I guess you knew that already.

Two stunning wallpapers made by Naomi Harding have been added to the traditional art section.

Check out a cool wallpaper by The Coker Variations here as well.

One more cover from 2001, once again thanks to Sven…it’s the second cover song from the 14th March show.

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One Comment

  • behnood

    Would you PLEASE put up a live performance of “Wet Sand” if available?It’s the greatest song of SA whose value was unfortunately ignored by the band themselves.i’d be grateful i you did so.

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