Songs A-Z

This is the index of John’s (known) songs.

It also includes the small number of officially released covers; as well as the songs sung by Josh Klinghoffer and Joe Lally on the projects they were a part of together with John. As of July 23rd, 2016 the list also contains Black Knights instrumentals for their 2015 album, The Almighty and two Speed Dealer Moms songs. This will be solved by filtering and different output at some point – hold on tight!

Keys / Abbreviations

* – bonus track, found on Japanese releases
A – Ataxia song
AL – alternate version available as a rough demo, official or not
AC – alternative acoustic version officially released
ACA – alternate acapella version officially released
AKA – has one or more alternate names
BK – instrumental version of a Black Knights song produced by JF
C – officially released cover song
D – appeared only on leaked demo recordings
E – radio edit of the song officially released
EE – a different edit of the song can be heard on a compilation / on film
FT – featuring a vocalist who’s not just a backing vocalist
JFJK – John Frusciante and Josh Klinghoffer song
JK – Josh Klinghoffer sings lead or co-lead on this song
JL – Joe Lally sings lead on this song
L – performed live only
N – not the song’s real/official name
RMX – alternate remix version officially released
TR – song released under Trickfinger name
U – unreleased, not released in its full length and similar

Songs never released and only performed live do not have their duration entered.


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