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New JF interview in Factmag – on art of sampling, (not) playing live, idols and more

Screencap of err, page with the interview May 14, 2016 13 Responses

The second interview for Foregrow is up, on Factmag. No tabloid-esque anything, some great insights on art, working with other musicians and how other artists cultivated their public personas.

Black Knights tease their third album with Trickfinger!

black_knights April 27, 2016 2 Responses

The Black Knights just posted about their upcoming third album with Trickfinger on the beats. Exciting!

Vice interview for Foregrow

vice_2016 April 27, 2016 3 Responses

John gave an interview to VICE and since this is the first one in 2016, I guess it’s a thing to read. The things John shares about his creative process are fascinating and a good read for every artist, professional, amateur or aspiring.

Foregrow: formats, availability and lyrics to the title song

foregrow_playing April 16, 2016 34 Responses

So, how does one actually obtain Unobtanium, I mean, Foregrow? A little guide to definitely-non-dummies plus lyrics of the title song. Right this way!

John’s detailed blog post about songs on Foregrow

Foregrow cover image - click to enlarge April 1, 2016 2 Responses

John just blogged for the first time in a while, sharing some photographs taken of his home studio and explaining how each of the four were made, as well as when!

John Taylor praises John (a lot, in two different articles)!

Duran Duran - Paper Gods cover image March 31, 2016 Respond

John Taylor of Duran Duran talks about the media-dubbed “unlikely” connection between them and John, in two separate interviews for Florida-based online publications – South Florida and TBO.

A very happy 46th to John!

Somebody else's birthday cake, no worries... March 5, 2016 6 Responses

The usual happy birthday post – though we would advise you to love and respect all year long. 🙂

Hear the preview of Foregrow EP!

Foregrow cover image - click to enlarge February 21, 2016 13 Responses

Curious to hear Foregrow? One minute previews of each track are available to listen.

Foregrow EP to be released on April 16th, through Acid Test, for RSD

Foregrow EP cover art February 16, 2016 14 Responses

John’s new EP, Foregrow, is out on April 16th through Acid Test, the same label that released the Trickfinger LP last year!

Eleven years of

11th_birthday December 7, 2015 32 Responses

This lengthy piece about this website, how it changed over the years and how it feels to run it was supposed to be posted two weeks ago, but I postponed it for today and added the intro, last picture and the first section in the meantime. The rest is the same way it would have been then. Thanks for reading.

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