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Another new Black Knights song, Shadows of a Panther

gang_related January 3, 2015 11 Responses

Black Knights have released yet another new song produced by John on Record Collection Music. This time it’s Shadows of a Panther and you can listen to it in a variety of formats, as well as grab the instrumental version.

New Black Knights song, Gang Related

gang_related December 27, 2014 6 Responses

After a significant period of silence, new Black Knights song, Gang Related, produced by John, is available to be stream on Record Collection Music’s Soundcloud.

Mother’s Milk 25th anniversary reissue coming up

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Mother's Milk August 15, 2014 6 Responses

According to Chad Smith, Mother’s Milk is getting a 25th anniversary reissue. There may be bonus tracks, or not. There may be live material, or not. You might want a copy, or not. Read this, or not.

In UK? Vote for Under the Bridge on BBC’s Greatest Guitar Riff Ever!

bbc2_greatest_guitar_riff July 18, 2014 13 Responses

Four years after their Axe Factor poll which saw John win the greatest guitarist of the past thirty years accolade; BBC is inviting its listeners – albeit only UK-based ones – to vote for the greatest guitar riff ever. One of the 100 riffs selected by the experts is the one from Under the Bridge. Vote for it!

New interview with John on Noisey

noisey_interview June 27, 2014 46 Responses

The blog Noisey brings us a fresh interview with John, mostly concerning his hip-hop production. It’s called The Agony and Ecstasy of John Frusciante. Sit back and enjoy.

John was Black Knights’ sound man last night at Low End Theory!

John as Black Knights' sound man / photo by Danny Fluck (Instagram) May 29, 2014 15 Responses

Black Knights had a successful show and debuted two songs off the upcoming second out of three collaboration albums last night at Low End Theory in Los Angeles. And John was their sound man – thus performing for the first time in almost four years. Didn’t expect this coming, huh?

Black Knights to debut two new songs on Wednesday

poster_black_knights_may28th_2014 May 26, 2014 8 Responses

Black Knights will be debuting two songs off The Almighty at the Low End Theory (Airliner) in Los Angeles on Wednesday, the 28th of May. Naturally, they will be performing Medieval Chamber as well. For more information, read the entire news item.

Classic Rock Mother’s Milk feature, Total Guitar snippet & more

magazines may 14th 2014 May 14, 2014 Comments Off

Press clipping time once again – John is in the June 2014 issues of Total Guitar and Classic Rock, Enclosure was given a good review in the April 2014 issue of Croatian edition of Rolling Stone, Scarlet Page’s Resonators exhibition was covered in the March issue of the Indian edition of the same magazine and the only 2014 cover for far – ironically – leads to an article conduced almost eight years ago. Ohwell, eppur si muove!

RZA on John in AmA + AcHoZen update + NYL sampler

rza_ama_01 May 5, 2014 12 Responses

In his AmA, RZA answered two questions related to John. Shavo Odadjijan reveals the name the AcHoZen song the maestro is on, upon request. Neurotic Yell Records release a free or whatever-you-can-give spring 2014 sampler.

Parallel Universe in Guitar Techniques May 2014 + Total Guitar April 2014 snippet

guitar_techniques_may2014 April 30, 2014 7 Responses

More magazine features and bits – while Guitar Techniques reasonably thinks that Red Hots’ Parallel Universe is an awesome track to tab, Total Guitar put Niandra LaDes as the second album on their list of ten worst albums by great guitarists…and mix it up with Smile From The Streets You Hold. Ouch!

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