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Wanna be’s Santa? Our Hosting Bill is cc. $106 Overdue, with Final Notice!

Invisible Movement needs your help, our hosting bill is overdue beyond what is allowed – not much, I promise! Scroll below to see if you can contribute.

After years with an unreliable hosting company that kept on getting worse and eventually deleted ALL page thumbnails during the server move process and made the old gallery impossible to use, I have made a much-needed switch to a new host, the world-famous DreamHost in October/November 2020. Back then, I paid for hosting on my own, from a rare quick design gig during the pre-vaccine days of the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, I have been working at restoring the pages that no longer work, figure out where the heck I had stopped with magazine scans, find all the audio and video files that may be laying around on data DVDs and whatnot…

…but, you know how it goes, for example, with apartments nobody has cleaned in months – the more there is to be done, the scarier it is. And once you fix the chandelier, for example, a light bulb explodes, the remaining dust burns and smells bad etc. This and the constant pandemic-stress, job and one-time gig search and bills have made the process slower than it should be – for everything other than the news, that’s a quite different matter – the fact that we might need a couple of people to help with news and news only might pop up as possibility as maintaining something when you’re barely over 20 and maintaining something when you’re almost 40 are two different matters. :p

To put it simply: despite the fact that news need to be added as they come (spoiler: nothing enormous has happened, no worries), this website is constantly being improved under the hood and a huge chunk of the work is to be done before the madness we all expect so eagerly! Heck, we might even *throws up a little* start using the remain social networks *throws up a little again*, for those who like that kind of stuff. *shivers at the sole thought*

Enough humour – as per this image, we have circa five days (I might, might be able to extend it for a day or two, but just that…might) before we’ve extended our grace period as the bill is nearly two months overdue – which is the maximum. During that period of time, we need to gather a little more than $100 in order to avoid any kind of an outage and happily hop into the year that will greet us with a new RHCP album, tour and probably make this site as (scarily) busy as it used to be back in the days (yikes). That means that if, say, six people donated $20 each, we’d even have a tiny amount extra.

So, how can you help? By donating towards our hosting bill via PayPal, to – given the spam received at the site’s email address, this one was created just for purposes such as this one. I’ll just be making payments to DreamHost as the donations are coming and let you all know, via our Facebook page and Twitter profile – that no more donations are necessary. If anything comes in the meantime, it will be added to the balance on their company’s website and go straight towards the 2022 hosting bill around November 5th.

The reason I hesitated to ask was because I was pretty sure I would be able to do it myself this time as, though unemployed, I received some much-needed royalties for a licensed viral video, but with all the overdue bill and home repairs – that did not work out and I managed to pay only 1/3 of the due amount. Pretty sure that many of us are in the same boat right now.

The other reason that I hesitated to ask this time because the last time around there was a person who wanted all names to be known and a special thanks, while we have had a practice of keeping this information private since the first donation rally in 2006, since people often request to be removed from the list because of job searches and similar work-related matters. There was an unpleasant exchange going on over the price of a single CD or even less, so… if you do want your information to be known – seriously, let me know, whatever the reasoning behind that is. Would definitely not like to go though that again.

And the news posts coming by the speed of light are now my New Year’s resolution – a good way to develop a routine in time. A longtime contributor already delivered enormous criticism about this and, my, was she right…

P.S. In case you wonder if the email handle is a literal word salad – nah, it means battered and fried zucchinis/courgettes.

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