Paintings And Drawings

In the period away from Red Hot Chili Peppers and the public eye, John did quite a few paintings. A small percentage of his pieces surfaced, some of which were photographed in late 1990s when they were on sale in the Zero One gallery in Los Angeles. Some more appeared as a mysterious eBay listing in November 2005. John’s work was also featured in the Musicians As Artists book published in the mid-1990s and you can see those over there.

Click on the thumbnails to see the paintings. The last three are available in high-resolution (the second one not in its entirety, though).

Paintings from the Oldest Official Site

The first ten photos are a courtesy of Ralph Paredes and they were featured on all the pre-2008 versions of

Photos from a Random eBay Auction in 2005

These photos were a part of an eBay auction held by an unknown collector sometime in 2005.

The third painting in the second row comes with the following story:
“History – John Frusciante was an artist in the fifties. His first works sold in 1959 to his mother on June 1950. He died in Dec. 1959, the same work sold to his father that was now a ***** where he was found lyingto the death choking on the gutter. His maid, then 23, became a musician, her father (with whom she was identical twins).
John Frusciante”

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