The list of full albums John did with other musicians. Bands are listed alphabetically, while the output in each section remains in descending order (newest first). This list does not include one-off guest appearances, neither does it include numerous records with the Mars Volta, Black Knights and – duh – Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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Ataxia were John Frusciante (vocals, guitar), Joe Lally (vocals, bass) and Josh Klinghoffer (vocals, drums).

Ataxia – AWII

Ataxia’s second album, containing the remaining sessions from February 2004, with John singing on four of the five tracks and, of course, producing everything and playing some great guitar. One year after it leaked, it was released in quiet and went almost unnoticed.

Ataxia – Automatic Writing

Ataxia – as in John and his band mates Josh Klinghoffer and Joe Lally explore new horizons – was a band for only two weeks in February 2004; which did not stop them from performing twice and recording two albums. The first is more widely known, a nod to early Public Image Ltd.

John Frusciante and Josh Klinghoffer

The two have worked on many albums together, but this is the only album they released with both of their names on the cover.

A Sphere In The Heart Of Silence

On the effort released under both of their names; John and Josh published some of the non-Ataxia material that was conceived during the performance shows at Los Angeles’ Knitting Factory and a couple of other places. Each of them sings on three songs, and there’s one instrumental.

Kimono Kult

Kimono Kult were Teri Gender Bender, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Nicole Turley, John Frusciante, Dante White and Laena Geronimo.

Kimono Kult – Hiding In Light

A debut EP by a very alternative project fronted by Teri Gender Bender, other members’ names exceed the limit for this description.

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and John Frusciante

John and Omar have been friends and frequent collaborators since at least 2002, but these are the only things made public from their recording sessions other than the Mars Volta ones so far.

Fight for Love

The two musicians cover a song from Casa de mi Padre. Free to download on bandcamp or SoundCloud.

Omar Rodriguez Lopez & John Frusciante

A collection of instrumental tracks recorded in Omar Rodriguez’s bedroom in 2003, two tracks from which were previously published on a limited-edition vinyl in 2005. Set for a re-release in 2012.

Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez and John Frusciante

Extremely rare yellow splatter 7″ released in a series of twelve, celebrating as many years of Gold Standard Laboratories; containing two tracks by Omar and John; which subsequently appeared on their full-length album in 2010. The single is considered to be a rare collectors’ item, second only to Niandra cassette and Estrus EP.

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Quartet

John was a member in one of the incarnations of the ORL quartet.

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Quartet – Sepulcros de Miel

Released only four weeks after Omar & John album, this was the second ORL release to feature John in 2010. All profits went to charities that support music in schools. The quartet, for this release, consists of Juan Alderete De La Peña, Marcel Rodriguez Lopez, John Frusciante and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez.

Speed Dealer Moms

Speed Dealer Moms are Aaron Funk, John Frusciante and -occasionally – Chris McDonald.

Speed Dealer Moms – Speed Dealer Moms EP

Debut 2-track EP from what seemed to be the most unlikely collaboration, released digitally and on a 12-inch vinyl and distributed through Planet Mu. As of July 2012, Speed Dealer Moms continue to be a band; as per John’s blog post.

Swahili Blonde

Swahili Blonde is Nicole Turley’s moniker; but until her 2015 release, Deities In Decline and subsequent divorce with John, she worked with lots of contributors and this was treated as a band. John was a regular on guitar, they were labelled a duet in very early stages of the project, probably as a media stunt.

Swahili Blonde – Covers EP

An EP containing Swahili Blonde covers of songs by A-ha, Bauhaus and David Bowie; all of them otherwise found on at least one edition of the two studio albums.

Swahili Blonde – Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink

Swahili Blonde’s second album, the first to be released on Nicole Turley’s own label. John’s playing guitar on all tracks, but only on the studio recording. He, however, referred to the album on his blog; having said that he wanted to play in a specific way on it, which required regular practice.

We Were So Turned On – a tribute to David Bowie

Swahili Blonde’s cover of Red Money – where John is also singing backing vocals in addition to playing guitar – found its way on this collection of David Bowie covers by various artists, released as a tribute album on Manimal vinyl label.

Swahili Blonde – Man Meat

Swahili Blonde’s debut album – John’s on all tracks, sings backing vocals on Red Money and he co-wrote Tigress Ritual with John Taylor of Duran Duran fame. Underground scene names appear, including Alan Myers, the one-time drummer for DEVO and his daughter Laena “Geronimo” Myers, then the bassist of The Like.

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