Publishing Policy

Here’s a little overview with what John Frusciante unofficial website – Invisible Movement (further along, referred to as I-M) will publish and what I-M will not publish. You should not take this as your own mantra if you’re running a website yourself and/or act like this; however, be aware that going against the site and message board‘s publishing policy in comments and forum posts will result in your content being removed or not being considered for publishing.

tl;dr: This website never promotes anything that’s not even remotely related to its subject. And it never publishes paid content – so don’t even try.

Here are some basics

1. I-M won’t go beyond what’s ethical and human to bring you sensational rumours.

2. I-M cites all of its news sources, unless they wish to remain anonymous, which rarely ever occurs – when it does, anonymous sources are verified prior to posting of anything. Also, there’s an important factor on publishing such things: personal conscience.

3. I-M does not publish any sponsored articles and it’s not using any kind of an affiliate marketing.

4. I-M does not pay you for submissions and helping out – it’s all voluntary and it should be fun.

5. There are no hidden advertisements anywhere on I-M. The only thing that comes close to ads are Amazon links and that is not going to affect your browsing experience or privacy in any way.

6. I-M doesn’t take part in any kind of partner-linkage systems.

7. I-M respects the musicians’ rights and would never publish links to sources that offer illegal music downloads or violate photo authors’ rights by advertising their own websites in form of a watermark. This holds as far as illegal sources or a copyright infringement can be detected.

8. I-M always provides the sources of articles or books cited in original write-ups.

9. All contributors, donors and other helpers to I-M get a mention, unless they do not want to be mentioned for privacy reasons.

10. I-M is open to suggestions from readers and friends; however, do not expect everything you want to be done. The site’s concept is strongly funded in some (odd?) beliefs and best intentions for you, the readers.

11. Over the course of the past four years (2012-2016), we’re trying our bests to cover all or almost all costs running this website ourselves; but when and if we do ask for donations, all of the gathered money is being used solely for the website costs – we do not use it for anything else.

12. I-M is open to being completely removed from the internet if necessary, as per our disclaimer.

I-M is looking for the following:

– Scans of magazine articles and covers.*

– Typed out or translated versions of magazine articles.*

– Files of audio and video interviews.*

– Transcripts of audio and video interviews.*

– Photos, videos and audio you took at shows – whether it was RHCP, one of John’s solo concerts or something else where John was joining musicians onstage or backstage (the second applies only if the photos were obviously taken with his and other musicians’ knowledge).

– Your own reviews of events you attended.

– Tabs of studio songs, their live variations, jams and improvisations.*

– On certain occasions…your creative input!

If there’s anything you would like to contribute or anything not listed above that was not mentioned, check out submission guidelines and, upon doing so, drop us a line.

Content marked with an asterisk [*] should have been previously published. We are not going to accept anything that was sourced through smoke and mirrors.

I-M is not looking for the following:

– Paparazzi pics, “candids” and other photos taken in uncomfortable situations.

– Your tattoos, birthday cakes and other creepy stuff.

– Fansigns, happy birthday signs, colour bars, image macros/memes and other Internet trash.

– Stories on how you’re such a big fan – if everyone would submit theirs, there would be too much of it!

None of the above things are exaggerated. It all really happened.

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