Over the course of this website’s existence, there has been a number of times that a post from an official source shared on this website or one of its social media outlets resulted in the said content’s deletion and, after more years than fingers on the hand of such incidents, we feel exceptionally guilty. This website and it reasonably large social media following may or may not be causing more trouble than it’s worth; or drawing too much attention where the attention is not wanted.

We do our best to stay as ethical as can be – we don’t sell you anything, the Amazon store exists solely for the purpose of finding various collaborations and rares, we have removed links to anything we consider harmful, deceptive, we choose not to have certain content on here, link to people creating harmful content, link to people promoting themselves through promotion of this website’s subject, et cetera.

While we believe that what is posted and archived here is as ethical as it can be – at least at this point in time (February 2016), we realise that the existence of invisible-movement.net or any of its outlets could be a trigger, problem, a sack full of unwanted memories – whether it’s the content we post or reactions to the said content.

If required, we will do any of the following, no questions asked.

– Change the commenting/feedback policy to a zero-tolerance one, whereby all comments crossing the line – whatever it may be – would be deleted without any further notice.

– Change the style used in replies to people’s comments and overall behaviour in interaction with this website’s visitors.

– Employ a third-party moderator, advisory, somebody to control the content on this website and its social media outlets and do what they tell us to.

– Hand over the whole website to authorities.

– Close the whole website upon request and redirect it to whatever source is considered suitable.

The internet is a free place – while we subscribe to that view, we don’t think that any content should be created with the goal of harming anybody in mind, or that anything that anybody finds harmful for all the good reasons should continue to exist. Freedom that harms others is not freedom.

Nobody made us write this – it’s how the website owner personally feels about it and if you want it in non-synthetic pseudo-law lingo, you can read it under the last heading on here.