Shadows Collide With People Demos – 2004

This is how it was described on the official site:

On the demos, we just took a lot of pride in those demos. For us that was where the album began- making the demos. We just thought that people who like the record would want to hear demo versions of it, because again some people actually prefer hearing things in a more screwed up sort of sound quality kind of way. We really pushed our little 8 track cassette to the limit. That was what it was recorded on. We were pretty proud of the demos – JF.


The MP3 have a bit rate of 128 Kbps.

  1. Omission
    get mp3, 4.20 Mb
  2. The Slaughter
    get mp3, 3.70 Mb
  3. Ricky/Ricky Nelson
    get mp3, 3.50 Mb
  4. Cut-Out
    get mp3, 3.20 Mb
  5. In Relief
    get mp3, 2.30 Mb
  6. Every Person
    get mp3, 1.90 Mb
  7. Time Goes Back/Time Going Back
    get mp3, 3.20 Mb
  8. I Regret My Past
    get mp3, 2.80 Mb
  9. Carvel
    get mp3, 3.90 Mb
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