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Confused with the state of the site’s discography section? Perhaps this will help you!

The pre-2012 discography section was half-baked, badly-formatted, a lot of pages were never complete, releases had to be connected to songs by hand and whatnot. There were a lot of very old, personal ideas on what some songs were about. All of that was a huge annoyance.

Data reorganisation and overall revamp of discography and related pages was started in November 2011, but it was not worked on from New Year’s Eve to the week of 20th August 2012 and then again from early September 2012 up to March 2014.

Moving cca. 100 releases from their static pages and about 200 songs to custom post types, assigning them taxonomies and meta data; as well as adjusting their order of appearance has been a heavy task.

Sadly, the server move in 2019 killed ALL thumbnails and image attachments on the site, including these. This is in the process of being fixed.

Individual entries for each item are still being re-done. So far, solo releases are available to look at, but each entry consists solely of a title, short summary, cover image and track listing. There is a chance that a stray pre-2012 “review” might crop up. Those will be deleted.

Entries and pages missing

– Demos and leaks
– Promotional items
– Red Hot Chili Peppers’ singles [1]
– Red Hot Chili Peppers’ music videos.
– Recordings that have been rumoured [2]
– Unofficial books on Red Hot Chili Peppers [3]
– Liner notes on other artists’ albums [4]

Other features worked on

– Queriable lists of people and gear related to a particular release – this will also be used for pages, articles, news items and shows in the future of this website – as in, they are site-wide taxonomies.

Title formatting help

In case where the album was released solely under John’s name, the release is listed in the following format:


In the case where John made appearance on the entire album, the release is listed in the following format:
[Artist] – [Album]

In case where John made appearance on one or more tracks, the release is listed in the following format:

[Artist] – [Track] or [Artist] – [Track 1 and Track 2]

In case where John made appearance on a single track with other musicians, on a compilation the release is listed the way it was done in album credits.

Albums are listed with their covers, guest appearances are listed with covers of the albums or compilations they’re from, unless they were released solely as singles. In the latter case, single cover art is used for the listing instead; but the album cover art can still be viewed on the release’s entry in the database.

Produced-bys are currently listed as collaborations if they’re full albums/EPs and as guest appearances if they’re single tracks.

Books, documentaries and other non-music releases are listed with their official names only.


[1] Red Hot Chili Peppers-wise: all official releases that are full-length have been listed. Given the amount of promotional albums and versions of singles and other similar wonders of consumerism, it’s still being decided how to list everything else from the band’s opus that John was featured on.

[2] This would essentially be a bunch of wild mass guesses. Still deciding whether to and how to compile the list, in a way that matches this website’s ethics.

[3] At this point (November 2020), not sure if these items warrant a section of their own, or if there should only be a list with descriptions. You know, because you most likely will NOT want to read stuff harvested from magazine articles you can already find here. 🙂 – these WILL be added, as of March 2021.

[4] This section may be moved to Press.

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