Full or partial soundtracks John has contributed to; this does not include songs where he is just a guest musician appearing on a soundtrack. Some items from this category are listed in Filmography as well.

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Before the Beginning and Murderers ended up on the soundtrack of Gaspar Noé’s film, Love. The date used here is the original French release date.

The Man With The Iron Fists

John contributed one song of his own, Foregrow; and co wrote another, Unpredictable together with RZA, Shavo Odadjian, Inspectah Deck, and Charles Woods. The later was performed by Wu Tang Clan and neither of these two are to be found on the film’s official soundtrack.

Wu-Tang vs. Golden Phoenix

Wu-Tang Vs. The Golden Phoenix

This film’s trailer was shown once in 2009 and once in 2010 and since then, removed. Basically, it’s an oldschool martial arts film with severed limbs, kung-fu legends and RZA, to the sound of The Empyrean. John was credited for both music and good times. The version of Enough of Me heard in the trailer sounds slightly different from the original.

Anea 17 (not really, just a question mark)

Anea 17

In words of Vincent Gallo himself, “A conceptual, minimalist, experimental film designed to play directly along with music by John Frusciante”. Currently not planned for a release. Three minutes long. The date used here is the first day of the year it was fimed in.

Little Joe documentary - poster

Little Joe

Documentary on Andy Warhol’s cult actor/model Joe Dalessandro, directed by Nicole Hausser. Many of John’s songs were used in it, albeit nothing new and specifically written for the film. Hausser noted that he was very excited when he was asked for permission.

A Samurai Workout DVD

A Samurai Workout

Kohshyu Yoshida, the descendant of an original Last Samurai, and Laurence Berkley, black-belt joined their forces to release a samurai workout DVD. John, being Berkley’s stepson, contributed the title theme and Murderers can be heard at some point, too; with a somewhat longer intro.

The Brown Bunny OST

The Brown Bunny

John contributed five songs to the soundtrack of Vincent Gallo’s second feature film; but they’re actually not appearing in the film itself. As said by the author, they’re the “silent music of the film”. All versions of the CD are out of print and the soundtrack received its first official vinyl release in April 2012 (previous ones were bootlegs).

Yeah Right!

Murderers appears in the “Invisible Skateboards” segment of the Spike Jonze-directed skateboarding film Yeah Right! , one of many to feature Girl skateboarder crew. The song subsequently appeared on another film soundtrack.

To Record Only Water For Ten Days - still of Invisible Movement

John Frusciante Plays and Sings

Fifteen videos for the songs off To Record Only Water For Ten Days, directed by Vincent Gallo and starring John in various seemingly abandoned places, a white car and a dog that looks like a golden retriever. Minimalistic art at its best…or, whatever you’re willing to describe it as.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Plasma Shaft


Prior to its release on Niandra cassette, the song Ants was featured in Perry Farrell and his then-girlfiend Casey Niccoli’s film, Gift. The song can be heard in the scene when ants are crawling in the room with Niccoli’s supposedly dead body, with poster stating “Rock and Roll Will Kill You” prominently displayed on the wall.

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