Covers by Other Artists

Many artists have covered John’s songs or were directly inspired by his music and life. This page covers only material by more widely known musicians.

Bob Forrest

Thelonious Monster and Bicycle Thief frontman; co-star of Celebrity Rehab, as well as the man who discovered both John Frusciante and Josh Klinghoffer, covered Dying Song for his first solo album, 2006’s Modern Folk And Blues: Wednesday. John contributed guest backing vocals. Forrest’s version has an additional “The” in its title, thus being The Dying Song.

Carissa’s Wierd

2001 cover image
2010 cover artwork

Seattle-based former indie rock/sadcore band Carissa’s Wierd covered Curtains on their cover-only album Scrapbook in 2003. The song is listed under the name “John Fruciante”. It was re-imagined and recorded as a duet of the band’s singers, Jenn Ghetto and Mat Brooke. Thanks to Ghetto’s sweet voice, it came out quite different from the original!

* Neither the band name nor the way the song was listed are typos!

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