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This is the index of John’s known and (mostly) released songs. It also includes the small number of officially released covers; as well as the songs sung by Josh Klinghoffer and Joe Lally on projects they were a part of together with John. As of July 23rd, 2016 the list also contains Black Knights instrumentals for their 2015 album, The Almighty and two Speed Dealer Moms songs.

Post-2017 entries have not been added yet with the exception of Poem and A3t1ip, as of November 09th, 2020. For some reason, the counter resets after every 100 items.

Keys / Abbreviations (coming back soon!)

* – bonus track, found on Japanese releases
A – Ataxia song
AL – alternate version available as a rough demo, official or not
AC – alternative acoustic version officially released
ACA – alternate acapella version officially released
AKA – has one or more alternate names
BK – instrumental version of a Black Knights song produced by JF
C – officially released cover song
D – appeared only on leaked demo recordings
E – radio edit of the song officially released
EE – a different edit of the song can be heard on a compilation / on film
FT – featuring a vocalist who’s not just a backing vocalist
JFJK – John Frusciante and Josh Klinghoffer song
JK – Josh Klinghoffer sings lead or co-lead on this song
JL – Joe Lally sings lead on this song
L – performed live only
N – not the song’s real/official name
RMX – alternate remix version officially released
TR – song released under Trickfinger name
U – unreleased, not released in its full length and similar

Songs never released and only performed live do not have their duration entered.

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