Letur-Lefr cover art


Check it
Let’s build by destroying that weak shirt
I bet you think that’s hip-hop
Nigga that’s reset
What’s up with the flip flops
Nigga that’s weak shirt
At least throw on some damn socks
Looking at them shits
Got you on your toes ha
Don’t over step your bounds
Especially in those
You are walking on deadly grounds
Not hot coals
Here you get hit with rounds
Like fuck you hoes
You marry them
Wife ’em up
We enlighten them
And occasionally tighten them up
We hip hop villains
The bad guys you root for
If the government don’t kill them
Load your gun and shoot for them
B9 need a broad like Bonnie
Someone to hold me down and can work the Tommy
Call me
I’m laid back like beach chairs and mix drinks
Feet up check out my NIKE airs

What I call this here is lyrics
The flow the spirits
The beat loud the clearity
I’m sure you’ll hear it
The word play delivery
Watch how tear it apart
You will remember me on account
How I shoot this dart
Ride the track as if I’m loco
My motive be
Is show niggas that I’m no ho
In fact a G
This here’s solo as in lp
Came through and smashed it solo
No help for me
Thought it appears I’m asleep
I’m not I’m chilling
Thought very much in my thoughts
Just my feelings
Feeling the highs, feeling the lows
Feeling vibe, just feeling the flow
Taking a ride with no where to go
Just be ghost be gone
Just coast till we approach the dawn
We getting close till we exit
About to exit onto the nest route
And just keep pressing on
Hit cruise control
To where no blues patrol
No worries but who’s to know
Let’s just go

The villain is back dress to kill in all black
Rugged Monk is his name and I’m ready for combat
Whether rap, scraping, or jacking
I always keep it cracking
Spit flows that’s consitent
Pure satisfaction
For your eardrum show you how the west was won
Got a fully loaded notebook and my tongue’s the gun
Spit like an ak
Come from Compton Cee-A-

Gunplay around my way, police harrass you everyday
If you ain’t seen no yellow tape
That’s a good day
Serve suck ass on the mic
With my rugged wordplay
Vivid pictures description show you swordplay

* Featuring vocals by Rugged Monk and Kinetic 9
* John only sings “female” backing vocals on this song

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