The Empyrean cover art


Today will not be happening
We’ve come too far away from being to be at all
We’re putting the law back in your hands
Today we’re setting our sights for a new land

Lean into me cuz there’s no signs on the vehicle
Look out and see cuz the city has no people
They don’t know who you are but they know who you will be
Monsters of all colors and we’re all distorted energy

Pain looks on up at me
And when I am beat
From the backseat I’ll crash my car
Incensed I feel like a fool when I’m feeling
Right off this blossoming hurts like I’m peeling
Oh God
I can’t be found when I’m dreaming
Words hard
I’m into the sound of their meaning

I am divorced from the image I’ve created
So many nights and days that are separate from the ages
Thank you for the lessons that I learned while John was sleeping
Whoever it seemed the creator did the teaching
The creator did the teaching

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