John Frusciante - Smile From The Streets You Hold


One, two, three, four…

Could you think of a better wa-a-ay
To be even scaring the sky away
And making me a part of this
Corner of meaningless darkness

Of course you could but I’d rather be
What I strive along for just to be
You love your country, love the strife
Relieve your cock on your beloved wife

But I’m playing a different tune
Cuz I’m moving to the moon
But I’m not prepared to go against you
And fly and jump in your corruption stoop
And since I’m around, I’ve got a few things to do
So I live on the melting clock, you move along
Cause you shoot tension, aggravation outta your dick hole
I can’t imagine your wife using that to swallow!

But you see I’m gonna cum down a feminine throat
In the surrealistic pain and wearing a coat (uh)
So I have space
That you can’t trace
To carry my lo-o-o-ve
And you just have waste
Hm-and you just have waste…
And you just have waste, heeey
And you just have waaaaaaaaheeeey

*Transcribed by me

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