I bear no excuses
Everybody feels my pain
Sworn to be a nobody
Broke my oath again and again
Souls, see my genocide
Rockets only ride through sky
But I am a blind man so they only fly inside me
I’m aware of prearranged cause
Bet on me and we all lost
With kids like me and the odds against us
Payoff could have drained all future upsetters
But surroundings built into me
I did not grow like a tree
But rather like a building
With ceiling upon ceiling
I used to try from the outside
A guide was inside me and I didn’t see
Tides passed all over me
But there was light and air at the bottom of the sea
And now I’m there
You know I really care
And seasons look up to me
I jumped down there
Cuz I don’t and really care
And life grows inside of me
And lows get higher descending
I float up there
Cuz I know I’m not in here
I’m everywheres’ outlining
And highs get lower ascending
Everyone, unrecall my sin

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