(deep breath)

Where you are
The real assembly
Of all
The shapes, they’re trembling
It’s all a part of sail the well
To meet your love
Did we fine the yesterday
Killing whole the hope?

She swims
Down the stream
I hope
I drift down the same vein
Taking the addiction
I’m none
Fastened, it still descends
And I’m loved

Failing all the cards
I’m beaten when I’m feeling
Closer to the source
Of your love to live

You work in the loss
Of his finding his opinion
Self-drowning in water
But it’s air I’m breathing

* Transcribed by me. Thanks to Marian and Tobi for help.
* Also known as Drift Down and (rarely) The Same Vein.
* This song can only be found on the compilation of outtakes and unreleased tracks from To Record Only Water For Ten Days sessions; which leaked on the Internet in 2000.

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