Walk with me through my fanfare
It’ll ease your mind
Set you fine, my baby
Stay with me every night
It’ll make you come to where life is never ever done
Forest green, it’ll say so
You know my heart is in my head
Cobalt blue, it goes through you
And cleans the eye of misuse
Miss you
Stay in tune with the station
You boarded from
It’s the only thing we hang on to
Time is the train that never stops
On it the rhythm you walk’s unrelated and of no consequence
Fire engine red gets into your head
And will seize opportunities to oppose and defend
Constant light, it’ll burn you
Destroy the avenue that you stroll happily confused
All my life I’ve waited fro the sun to rise
All this time
All this time
Waiting for the sun and air and shade
Waiting for the sun and air and shade
Waiting for the sun to shine
Waiting for the sun to shine
And it’s you

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