John Frusciante - Smile From The Streets You Hold


Love isn’t half of what it seems to be
Having all the babies, all the babies laugh at me
I just want to shine, but all is wrong and all is right
Hey on a bed, on the bed, on the bed
Hey you out there, runnin’ away
I need you, and I want you here
The one who disappeared from me

Hey now (x7)

The love, the love!
I need you and my white hope
And the long roads
All ahead
Why is he dead?
I know I can’t wait another day
To find the one who went away
The one who exits at the start
The one who went away at the park
Who wears my heart
Who plays the part!
Who plays the part!
Wanna play the part!
The part
Oh part
Oh yeah

*Transcribed by Leni

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