John Frusciante - Curtains

The Past Recedes

One, two, three, four!

And then the past recedes
And I won’t be involved
The effort to be free
Seems pointless from above

You’re looking down at me
I’d rather stay below
Than have you staring up at me
It’s nowhere I want to go (oooh, oooh)

Ay, this business of how long we try to stay alive
Why to be here you’ve first got to die
so I gave it a try
And what do you know
Time was so long ago

And things come back you see
To where they don’t belong
And every drop of sea is the whole ocean (oooh, oooh)

I lied to the greatest thieves
About anything and everything
I’m a figure of forgotten speech
I’m out of reach
Oh, I can’t play it safe
But I might just in case

(Ooh, oooh)
I’m disguised as a reaching hand
I’m a working man
I don’t understand why clockout
comes so slow everytime
That’s one line I stay right behind
That’s one line I stay right behind, yeah

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