John Frusciante - Smile From The Streets You Hold

Height Down

One, two, three, four

I’ll send flowers
Again for her
Blow some castles to a circus
I give to this guy
disguised as my rival

This night you’ll regret
Psycho did you hear
Dirty boys always seek that rollercoaster
Young falls, you might be
I can sure see everything
Yadda yada fireplace
Filling in the sun

Murderless, helping hands
In a soul removal

Leader says century now
Kings should give it to her for me

Better I sent

La la la la la la laaaaaa

Failing light, now let’s fight through a wall
I realize that you’re not after what you plan for
I needed for being tomorrow when you’ll be right

* Featuring River Phoenix on vocals.
* Also known as Soul Removal, the title often erroneously given to Usually Just A T-Shirt.

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