John Frusciante - From The Sounds Inside

So Would’ve I

Made her into a mannequin
So would’ve I
I elapse, it’s time to break cell
Runs out
Take your face to the God
No one worked so hard
To keep you out
Play your hand
Before it’s your turn to fade out

Made him into a mannequin
He would’ve died
Just to take the fate somewhere
It could’ve been
Had it been otherwise
Trading the far for the near
Stand, your body’s clear
What you work still
Some love fakes you
Step well
We show you to go
It’s not always the moon
We’ll say it’ll show
We show y’all
We’ll say it’ll show
We show y’all

*Apart from the first lines of each verse, there’s no official lyrics for this song, so we cannot guarantee that anything here is correct.

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