Guest Appearances

The list of songs John did with other musicians, minus full albums he plays on; those are treated as collaborations. The two earliest appearances on The Mars Volta albums have been cross-listed on the page containing all of John’s releases with the group.

Please, note that you can not click through on any of the releases at this time.

Speed Dealer Moms at Nu:Cenosis - Audio with Visualisation Speed Dealer Moms at Nu:cenosis visualisation screengerab
Released: April 26, 2020 Release Format: Label:

Audio of Speed Dealer Moms' set at the Nu:Cenosis online rave, with visualisations is available for listening in case you slept in or if it was otherwise inconvenient for you.

Speed Dealer Moms live online TONIGHT, April 25th! Nu:cenosis Festival Event poster
Released: April 25, 2020 Release Format: Label:

John Frusciante and Aaron funk (Trickfinger and vsnares) will perform as Speed Dealer Moms for the first time, eleven years after the ill-fated performance in the flesh did not take place. Tonight's Nu:genosis rave can be followed via twitch.

New Trickfinger release, "Look Down See Us" out on Evar Records Trickfinger - Look Down See Us cover art
Released: March 30, 2020 Release Format: Label:

New Trickfinger music available to download on bandcamp! A five-track EP titled "Look Down See Us" is out on Evar Records.

Combined Video of RHCP Footage from the Andrew Burkle Memorial Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Andrew Burkle memorial
Released: February 9, 2020 Release Format: Label:

All clips of John performing together with the Stephen Perkins-aided Red Hot Chili Peppers yesterday at the Andrew Burkle memorial - something to enjoy!

John Plays with Red Hot Chili Peppers for the First Time since 2007
Released: February 9, 2020 Release Format: Label:

Red Hot Chili Peppers have joined a bunch of other artists in a celebration of late Andrew Burkle's life. This marks John's first time playing live with them since August 26th, 2007.


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