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Magazine Articles

Magazines have been sorted by year, with the current year on top. This section of the site was completely revamped in late March and early April 2014.


If a thumbnail of a magazine scan has been replaced with a generic image in a style similar to this website's, here is what those images stand for.

NO SCANS - We are not aware of how this magazine even looks like.

SCANS COMING SOON - The magazine has been purchased or it's going to be purchased in near future and scans will soon be available.

PAPER/WEB ONLY - The article has either been pasted from a now-defunct website or it was only in a newspaper, without pictures.

*Some magazines, most notably Kerrang! and Total Guitar have/had a history of titling articles using non-existing quotes vaguely taken from answers in interviews or even general public's assumptions. It would be a good etiquette not to use such "statements" when you need a citation.

URL Format - commonly used - if the date and month of publication are not available - if there is no information other than the year the article was published - if the magazine is issued bi-monthly