John Frusciante unofficial – Invisible Movement

Other Solo Shows

Shows where John performed on his own that do not fit into any other category / can be listed under multiple criteria.

The First Anual Hullaballoo, Los Angeles - 08th June 2005 Date: June 8, 2005

All Tomorrow's Parties Festival - April 23rd, 2005 Date: April 23, 2005

Waiting for Iggy Benefit @ Hollywood Moguls Date: June 25, 1998

This was an Iggy Pop tribute.

Red Hot Chili Peppers @ KBLT Radio Date: June 5, 1998

Hollywood Moguls, Los Angeles, CA - November 26th 1995 Date: November 26, 1995

Viper Room, Los Angeles - 31st October 1993 Date: October 31, 1993

Not much is known about this solo performance, as details are vague. According to most sources, John "played Life Is A Bath and puked".

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