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Translations, transcripts, lyrics translations and usually just a…

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So, here are some nice updates, all related to The Empyrean, more or less.

Transcripts & translations
Wonderful Eleni finished the transcript of the Watt From Pedro show and you can read the rest from page seven on. It's quite a lengthy read.

Joh-un and his wife have completed some more of the Guitar Magazine Japan February 2009 article. There's a little more than a page left, and they'll finish it when they're able to. Thanks for your patience and don't forget to thank them.

Translations - come join in!
For those who know about the GLOBAL project from 2007 (which one can still participate in), this won't come as such a large surprise. I started translating songs off The Empyrean for some local friends, I suggest a friend to do it in German and, out of nowhere, someone popped up with a Spanish translation. I guess this means we're on the roll.

German - by Tobias Hoffmann (downloaded 329 times)
Spanish - by Valenzuela brothers, Andrés Medellín and Jorge Perilla (downloaded 200 times)
Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian/Montenegrin - by yours truly (downloaded 160 times)

These will have a page of their own soon.

A design for a T-shirt
The Empyrean T-shirt template by Kitzia ValenciaHere's a T-shirt design by Kitzia Valencia. I have to apologise to the author for uploading it right now, these last couple of weeks have been very busy. Basically, the T-shirt design is in Adobe PDF format and scallable, so all you have to do is download it (as 1426 already did)and take it somewhere where you can print it. Of course, it works on other things you can print on as well, but the basic colour combo works best on T-shirts.

All the downloadables in this update are in .PDF format. Get Adobe Reader if you cannot open them.


6 Reactions to Translations, transcripts, lyrics translations and usually just a…

  1. André Nascentes says:

    I'll take some time and translate it to Portuguese... I'll talk to some forum members from Brasil to help me, cuz I don´t have much time....

  2. creu says:

    thanks for the traslations, I have enyojed a lot reading the spanish one 🙂
    and the t-shirt is great, I'll go to make me one!

    thanks for your job! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  3. conor says:

    omg whens he gonna write a book? and also he said he rings people if they leave their phone number in a letter! do you have to be in the chilis fanclub to send him a letter? how good would it be if he rang you like, yo im john frusciante how can i help? id be like 😯

    • Iva says:

      Excuse me, but what on Earth are you talking about? I think I'm lost here. 😯

    • mzyzm says:

      🙂 Yeah, that was impressive! I remember him saying that in an interview, and it really stuck in my mind. I was amazed. He's the best!

    • michael j says:

      where does it say he is writing a book ?
      wait what does any of that have to do with this 🙄

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