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John in the March issue of Guitarist & Bass magazine, France

Guitarist & Bass, March 2009

Guitarist & Bass, March 2009

John is on the cover of the current issue of the French magazine Guitarist & Bass and there's an article on him, too. The tagline is Next to heaven.

Here's a translated excerpt from the article:
I'm not interested in being in a band anymore; because during the last 10 years, I've spent more than 4 years and a half touring with a band. The Chili Peppers had to perform a huge number of concerts. To me, it represents a very long period of time time when we can barely be creative. I'll have a show within 2 months, but it won't be rock. I can't say anymore about that now, because we still have to define things.

You can order your copy of the magazine by clicking on the preview image or here, they appear to be delivering worldwide. The price of the magazine itself is 5.80 €.

Update: Here are the scans - many thanks to Carole. You can see all the pages in the gallery; or by clicking on the individual thumbnails below:

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Here's one more excerpt:

G&B: On the record (The Empyrean), there's more than one song which would be good for a band on stage.
John Frusciante: I know, but if I had to perform, even few shows, I would have to form a band, to rehearse for 1 or 2 months ,to learn songs and to adapt them to live. Then we would be touring for 1 or 2 months. I can't imagine myself stoppdoing what I do now in the studio for 4 months. I play music all day long at home and I am happier than I've ever been in my life. I love to play on stage, but I don't like long travels or the endless waiting before I can play.

Another update: The translation is here! Many thanks to Bram, Sophie, Perrine and Eleni.

  • Cloud

    uhh, that doesnt sound good for the chili peppers πŸ™
    when was the interview?

  • Dion

    So that really means they won't come back πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯

  • Cloud

    im still not gonna say never cos i havent read it all yet and it might be out of context, doesnt look gd tho πŸ™„

  • lukas

    oh nnnooooo please no. this sounds really really bad πŸ™ and it also makes me
    extremely sad πŸ™ i hope sooooo much that the peppers will
    go on playing shows and recording albums in their standard formation (with John)
    if they wont one of the best bands we have today will split up

  • Perrine

    I'll try to get the magazine tomorrow so that we learn more about all this !

  • burningwicks36

    this is saddening, but at least it sounds like he is doing it so he can spend his time being creative. we can hope more solo releases will manifest from this.

    sucks about the chili peppers tho, theyre my favorite band along with radiohead

  • eugene

    this makes me very happy. more creative john putting out good music and hopefully no more anthony keidis singing horribly over mostly good but compromised pop music.

    • amourfou

      yeah good news!

  • uh oh... this doesn't look too good for RHCP, but I've been preparing myself for this day for a while. I really love RHCP and their live shows, but value John's music much more on a personal level. It just sucks because I will probably never see him live again...

  • the chili peppers reformed under john back in 92, and obviously he wasnt their original guitarist. Hillel was. but the Chili Peppers will not reform without John this time... John Frusciante is the chili peppers.


    • sorry *reformed without john under Dave... my mistake. i must re-read stuff before i post. i always do stuff like that.

  • Nancy

    All I can say is Oh noooo, but if I had to choose between rhcp and John and there could only be one, I would pick John's music. And I can't blame him for hating the travel aspect of touring, it must be grueling. I just hope he does play his music live from time to time, by himself or with others. Maybe we will all have to travel to LA to catch a show!

  • alex

    this whole "i don't want to play in a band thing" really upsets me.. i love his music so much.. but i LOVE the chili peppers and haven't gotten to see them play yet. ahh i guess we'lll have to see what happens

  • one man chili band

    I'm not to worried about it, I can't imagine John never making music with his best friends again.
    He's just tired. Give it a couple years, people change their minds. Not only that, theirs plenty of b-sides and unreleased material to hold us over. Look how old the rolling stones are, you will get another chance to see them.

    • zabar

      Well, they're not really best friends.

      But I agree with what you said next. πŸ™‚

  • sam

    he made a good decision

    rhcp had a very good run

  • Nicky

    damn πŸ™ i still think they'll come back,it's just going to be longer than first thought πŸ™

  • Powaz

    Well Chili's could get Dave again. πŸ™‚ Well i still can't believe that the RHCP are gone, I better see them without John.

  • Is this the end?
    The John Frusciante goes out of Band?
    The Chili Peppers will end?

  • Ravnsbjerg

    Well, i don't hope so. But if this is the end of the Chili's, then im a bit confused. All of'em said that they were on a hiatus for 1-2 years. I wouldnt expect them to breakup, you know... They said that they liked playin' together and had no reason to stop doing it. But maybe John Changed his mind? I'll be crying if they break up, but at least John's not dead, and he's still doin' his own music, right `?

  • charlie

    well that SUCKS! but i think in the long run its good, i reckon john will continue to make solo music and realese albums then in a few years feel happier about joining the chili peppers.

  • NSR

    I hate how he always says he's "happier than I've ever been in my life." If so, how do we know when he's telling the truth?

  • AndrΓ©

    Sad... The only one that could play with them is Josh.
    I think that it looks like when John joined the band. He learned Hillel stuff and made his own. Now, Josh had learned with John and with his talent he can do great stuff too.

  • Powaz

    Yeah, I used to joke about Josh joining the RHCP but it seems it's quite possible. πŸ™‚

  • a.m.

    Chili Peppers should just get another guitarist if John leaves. They can still be a great band without John, and they need a different sound anyway (not that there anything wrong with last 3 albums). They should not end just because of John leaving.
    I don' t like this anthony kiedis bashing above.

  • Powaz

    Yep, a.m., I don't like it either, but fanboys are fanboys.

  • Iva

    Fangirls? Fanboys? How about total madness in the comments on this post? Unnecessary madness, for that matter? Half people are using the topic to make up stuff from their own heads (by this point, it's almost science fiction...); the other half is just the chance to bash.

    And no one can spell Chilis, when we're at it. :mrgreen:
    "Chili's" would be something that belongs to someone called Chili. Kinda weird, huh?

    So, how about not taking all of this seriously? It's an article done without any major research, possibly badly-written and picking stuff from other articles? By fantasizing and making things up, all based on one vague sentence, we probably look really stupid to a random person who'd stumble by.

    Sorry, but I've been WTFing at all this for about 24 hours now, it's no longer amusing.

    • Powaz

      Well, Iva, this "I'm not interested in being in a band anymore" kinda drills some negative speculations into your head even if the article is just crap. Plus the well known MR interview. It's very normal for people to come up with speculations especially at this moment when the bands future lies in deep mist.

      And hey stop nitpicking on the "Chilis". πŸ˜›

  • martina

    they are too good,i think this is not end,just another part in their lives,we have to wait and maybe...You never know whatΒ΄s gonna happen. πŸ™‚

  • Cyrus

    If he plays anywhere near home I'll be there for sure...

  • Perrine

    Now, according to the article (which is in French, which means that it was translated, thus possibly mistranslated), and with the "whole" context, here is what is said (I am trying to be as true to the article as possible)

    G&B : On "The Empyrean", Frusciante called his mate Flea to play a few bass parts (four on the initial version of the album), Josh Klinghoffer, for keyboards or drums but also a renowned string ensemble (Sonus Quartet), or a real choir (The New Dimension Singers). Though, it could not be considered as a band but as what seems to be a pure representation of a solo album.

    JF : My friend Josh has had a lot of ideas of songs, for years, which are on the record. He was my closest partner. There are only two songs on which I am playing every instrument. For all the others, we set up a basis with Josh and Flea on the bass. We finished it all off within four days and during the following months, we added various things, such as the string quartet or the choir.

    G&B : Among the concepts Frusciante hates, the first one is the "super band". This is what prevented him from having too many famous guests on his album. He would leave that to his friend Chad Smith. The Red Hot's drummer has indeed been setting up an amazing band, called Chickenfoot, starring Joe Satriani, Sammy Hagar, and his former partner back to Van Halen time, Michael Anthony.

    JF : I am not interested in being part of a band anymore. Over the last ten years, I have spent more than for years and a half touring with a band. The Chili Peppers had to perform an incredible number of concerts. To me, this represents too long periods of time when you can hardly ever prove creative. I am having a show within two months but it will not be rock. I cannot tell anymore about it today as there are still things to define.

    G&B : On this record, there is more than a song that would suit to a small band on stage...

    JF : I know but, if I had to perform, even just a few shows, that would mean forming a band, rehearsing for one or two months to learn the songs and to adapt them to live. Then, there would be one or two months on the road. I cannot figure out giving up everything I am currently doing in studio for four months. I am playing music all day long at home and I am happier than ever this way. I also love playing on stage but I do not appreciate as much long journeys or waiting endlessly before being able to play...


    Well, there it is, I have been trying to be as accurate as possible, taking the two other translations into account. Though, to me, it does not sound like bad news. I mean, every current member of the RHCP is doing his own stuff at the moment : Flea with his school and his studies, Chad with Chickenfoot and, I would say that Anthony is finally enjoying the family life he has been hoping for, for so long. So, John's words, no matter the language and the interpretation, may not be considered too hopelessly regarding the RHCP's future. These four guys are evolving (aging ?) and so they may go back to studio soon, make a record and tour but maybe for a shorter time, so as to allow everyone to spend much more time with their relatives or to create fantastic music, as far as our beloved John is concerned, for instance :D.
    So, the RHCP may still have plenty of things to create ahead. Anyway, John still has.
    I would say that the only saddening point is that he does not seem likely to tour even on his own and even for a short time.
    So guys, if John happens to come close to where you live to perform, there is no wondering : JUST RUSH FOR IT ! πŸ˜€
    Now, keep hoping, and take care !

  • Rolando

    I think this article is totally bogus! The translation has many JF quotes from the Vintage Guitar magazine article, and this article also has some mistakes...they say JF mixed it by himself, but this is not true...klinghoffer mixed as well (at the same time as JF, which is what JF mentioned previously). Also, they say JF doesn't use effects!!!! whatever, I just think that from reading this article, they kind of portray JF as being a sad, lonely artist, who hates to work and be around others, I just don't believe it! I think this whole interview was made up...

  • orangevarld

    Oh good ! Ok, it's sad for the Red Hot (but what's this show in two months ?), but if John shares the music he's making and if he's happier than ever before, that's very very good.

    • Iago

      I think he's referring to the bang-face weekender (:

  • Arlo

    This is saddening, but it makes me feel happy.

  • DVB

    i think johns saying he doesnt like the whole tight schedule in the chili peppers not saying he doesnt like being part of the band,more like hes happy with his own thing at this point in time,and is probably annoyed at constant questioning on the bands status.

    he doesnt like the relentless travelling on tour,the waiting in hotels,not being able to grow as a miusician and create more music ect ect

    He likes the shows and playing wiht the rest of the chili peppers,but everything else that goes with touring has tired him, i think they will all have a few years break,and get back together,maybe jus jam in fleas garage,hang out with each other,still have fun, i can see them recording another album, but it prob be short ish album,well compared to stadium arcadium.
    And they wont put time constraints on themselves,and maybe they wont tour again, and jus make albums, or hopefully just decide upon doing less shows,but bigger shows,meaning less quantity but more quality, which can only be a good thing.

    I think each chili pepper arejjust doing there own thing,taking a holiday from their hard work.
    not thinking of the future of the chilis,when they all feels its right they should regroup and enjoy being the chili peppers, but hopefully not tire themsevles out agian, just make good album,do few shows, just do what they enjoy and wele all be happy too!.lol πŸ˜€

  • mzyzm

    Uh-Oh...If the Chili Peppers try to write songs without John, they're screwed. Good thing I don't really care about the Chili Peppers. Viva John!!

  • AE

    As someone close to the situation, I can confidently say all assumptions based on John's recent comments are both true and false. It is an exaggerated version of what all members have been saying over the course of the past year; There is in fact an "indefinite hiatus", however it is not a given that the Chilis will reunite at all within the next two years. If they do, expect it to be a farewell tour.

    John has always felt his solo music and side projects have been a more honest representation of his personal beliefs and passions. John has never felt as though he needed the backing of a successful band to consider his own work a success. His decision to rejoin the Chilis was entirely dependent on a functional band dynamic. During the making of the last album and its following tour, tensions arose in the group that challenged the relationships of all band members. In addition, John's personal discomfort in backing every album with a continuous world-wide tour conflicts with the agreement the band has made with its label, thus making comprimise a financial and emotional ordeal. John's reluctancy to continue recording with RHCP and his eagerness to continue making music with artists currently signed to other labels also makes this a complicated legal situation.

    It is as yet unclear whether Warner will decide to release another Greatest Hits album as a means of running out John's contract, or whether they will force him to be replaced with the remaining members releasing new material. It has become increasingly evident that the latter is not in the best interest of the remaining band members, and it is expected that they will refuse to continue without him. There is also talk of officially releasing a B-Sides album, however, the label's concern at this point remains focused on the tour. An official announcement on the future of the band will be made by ALL MEMBERS once John is effectively released from his contract with Warner Bros. and/or he agrees to fulfill his contractual obligation.

    Please understand that this is not an attempt on John Frusciante's part to have a more "successful" solo career. It is also not the direct result of his personal relationship with any other band members. This is simply the way John feels he will be happiest and healthiest. John remains on speaking terms with ALL members of the band. His noted absence from a specific upcoming concert is merely at the advice of legal counsel.

    • CMD313

      Who are you, what is this and why isn't he e.g. saying all of this on his own domain. It sounds pretty legitimate, but at the same time, it seems pretty wild that you'd pop up here and post it. πŸ™

      • paperchamp

        AE that sounds like the the most logical explanation of the RHCP status and john's role in the band.
        I love that john has a good lawyer to protect him from being manipulated. I never believed there
        was any really bad blood or drama in the band outside of normal day to day conflict of interest.
        I mean I can't see the rest of the band not knowing john's need to use all his time creatively. I bet
        they know and respect his desires but are just bummed that they can't find a way for everyone to
        get to do what they what love. Luckily everyone is at a point that they means to other outlets and
        the band being on hold won't be all they have as a means to be creative. Obviously john suffers the least
        cause the world is his oyster creatively, AK on the other hand I'm not so sure. Anyways i wanted to say
        thanks for sharing your knowledge and i respect your privacy and I hope people on here don't attack you for it.
        I'm not into kicking a gifthorse in the mouth.

  • DEE


    You know. AE is probably right but here is what I have to add....

    They should release an official B-Sides album and maybe some kind of compilation to fill their contract obligations then split from the label!

    Those RHCP boys could do whatever they wanted including continue to make records on there own terms. RHCP and his solo music live on different spirits and are both amazing.

    Johns solo music is as important to me as The Beatles but RHCP is what I put on when I want that funkyness that Anthony, Chad,Flea and Him have together.

    AND. While JOHN.

    your lyrics are fucking BRILLIANT. FANTASTIC. FLAWLESS

    Anthony has a completely different style but def. has an amazing, amazing talent in his own right. His flow and word manipulation is unlike anyone I have ever heard.

    KEEP THEM BOTH ALIVE is what im saying.

    you are an endless flow of amazing great noise and be that one guy that does what nobody else could do.

    continue to be that guy!

  • Robyn

    I'm confused. Why would someone who is 'close to the situation' post here rather than make an official announcement? And if they are 'close to the situation' why would they breech confidentiality (either contractual or implicit) which would damage their credibility and potentially put them at risk of libel? I don't know many people in business who feel they need to brag about what they know on a fan website. Even I've had to attend training on the implications of posting on social networks, especially representing myself in a professional capacity or making any claim of knowing information (which I would assume being 'close to the situation' implies). Seriously, are people that niave to think it won't get back to them in some way? πŸ™„

    Back to John's comments. From my limited experience following a tour for several weeks, it can be boring, exhausting, thrilling, tedius, fantastic and in the end you wanting to sleep for about a month when you get home. Even the Beatles stopped touring because they didn't like it and only released studio albums for the second half of their career. So John is not interested in being in a band anymore because of the tour schedule. Who knows what that will mean for the future? Everything is speculation at this point.