Red Hot Chili Peppers

Possible RHCP album release in October 2010?

According to an interview Chad Smith gave to Clash Music, Red Hot Chili Peppers might release a new album in October 2010.

Interviewed for the next issue of Clash Magazine, Smith shared details of their plans stating, “We’re gonna write for a while, it usually takes us a while” before speculating that the release date would be “Some time next year, maybe this time [next year]”.

Asked if Flea’s experience working with Thom Yorke might feed back into the Chili Peppers new material, Smith said that his colleague had given him a cd of electronic beats to inspire him but that, at the moment, there wasn’t an explicit electronic direction although he did speculate, “You never know. We’ve got songs with piano on them right now, so who knows.”

Many thanks to Anđelka for sending the news in ever-so-promptly! The original news item is here.

UPDATE: This was also reported by NME, Consequences Of Sound, Chart Attack and Spinner.

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  • oddity

    piano could be interesting, i know that chad and john can both play, not sure about flea (or maybe even anthony!), not sure if id like to see it take too big a role though. plus, why is chad doing a million different interviews right now?

  • Nick (OmitMyself)

    Awesome news!! Who knows if it will be out within the year, but it’s nice to hope. I’d be happy if it came out in a year and a half, honestly. Haha. I bet realistically they’d like to get it out in a year but who knows if that’ll happen.

  • Jesse

    One of the reasons I love the Peppers so much is because I honestly never know where they’ll go. Each past album release differs stylistically from the previous wonderfully; nothing they’ve released has ever been stale or predictable. Although initially the idea of more electronic music shook me slightly, knowing John, no matter what direction they take it’ll come out fantastic.

  • boot scootin baby

    note that they are no longer tied to a label, if they choose to go independently or self-release for the new record – this really speeds up the time from completion of a record to it’s release. as you may know, major labels like warners are horribly large, to the point of redundancy, in which the advertising time and build up is overblown completely. example – nine inch nails. the 2007 album ‘year zero’, which was released on interscope, came out on april 17th, yet trent reznor mentioned it had been completely finished by late january. four months. the 2008 album ‘the slip’, which was released independently, came out pretty much a week after it was finished.

    take that as you wish.

  • krispy

    Electronics, Johns Beautiful harmonies, whats not to love. Leave em to it till theyr’e ready, its an organic thing

  • kev

    RHCP are incredible no matter what happens it will be amazing!


  • Felt Mountain

    Jeez people, all of those who keep smugly typing ‘Since when was this a site about Chad Smith’ take a chill pill!

    This site was born of love for the Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante, and news about his band is probably one of the more topical news items that can be posted. If you can’t stand it that Chad seems to be the band spokesman at the moment, take it up with HIM, not Iva, who is doing a great job.

    Peace out


  • Bil

    its good news so far but to think that they´ll prob release it next year this time
    is torture lol but im sure they will come up with something awesome like they
    always do.


    • Nicola Gaunt

      Afraid not… this news item was published before John made his departure public.

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