Red Hot Chili Peppers

RHCP are not entering Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2010

According to reports published by MTV and Rolling Stone, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ first nomination for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame did not result in being induced to the prestigious list of accomplished artists.

Those who will be induced to the Hall of Fame on the 15th March 2010 ceremony are ABBA, The Stooges, Genesis, Hollies and Jimmy Cliff.

The other nominees not making the list this time around are also LL Cool J, Kiss, Donna Summer, Darlene Love, The Chantels, and Laura Nyro.

The presenters and performers will be announced in early 2010.

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  • Strayavat

    no no no no no WHAT THE F!$# ABBA in the rock and roll hall of fame and the RHCP dont? no realy WTF!

    what is wrong with the world?

  • Jesse

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a very confused institution which, IMO, doesn’t always make the right choices. Jeff Beck, one of the most influential guitarists of all time, who’s innovative use of things like distortion has altered the course of rock music for the past forty years, was not inducted until last year despite being eligible forever.

    Although sometimes they make surprisingly good decisions, quite often the Hall just leaves me confused and angry. I gave up hope on them a long time ago.

  • A.M.


    The Chili Peppers are not some dead practically retired band of yester-year. Whatever the guitarist situation, they are still an energetic force making interesting music and will probably continue to do so for a least a few years.

    The band entered the music world as outsiders causing shock with their wacky antics, do we really want them sipping champagne next to ABBA? There is a dignity in non-conformity, I feel.

    • CC

      metallica is still shredding out ther, so how come they made it last year?! do u have to be old, worn out or dead to get in?


  • Calloway

    Is it bad that I say that the world is falling apart? Okay so I get the news on sunday that John left and now I get the news that they didn’t make the cut for the Rock Hall. I don’t understand what’s happening? I mean I know the band, all of them, are getting older and older each day, but I really just don’t want them to end. Watching Funky Monks, over and over, its just really sad and also a great story and a lot of shit this band has gone through and I think they should tough everything out. I don’t want John to leave and I don’t think anyone does. I love his solo work as much as the next guy, but I just don’t understand how he can get tired of people he loves. Their all in love with each other, but you can get sick and tired of people you love, so I could be proving my own point right now, but I really just want things to be okay before Christmas.

  • MikeA

    The Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame is dumb anyways; it’s not like baseball, football for you not from the U.S.
    etc. because there’s no stats or competition aspect to it. It’s very corporate.

  • tswig russ

    I think the Peppers will produce some great music with Klinghoffer. At first i was dissapointed about Frusciante leaving but I’m actually really excited about it now. I liked when the Peppers had Dave Navarro, and just like him i believe this new guitarist will help push their ever changing sound. I really hope Frusciante puts out some of his stuff cuz he has to have thousands of new recordings. I dont care if i gota pay for them or if he puts them out as free online albums (which would be badass), all i kno is i love his solo stuff.

    • bryan

      I totally agree, but the chilis with frusciante is hell of a lot better then chilis with navarro. my opinion. it will be interesting to see what klinghoffer can do though.

      • tswig russ

        I love Frusciante, I think hes a great guitarist. I would hafta say though that i think their best fit was Hillel Slovak. And Navarros stuff wasnt as tight as Frusciantes but i still appreciated the change in sound. Itll definatly be interesting to c how Klinghoffer's chemistry will work with the guys and what they make.

  • honest dude

    what does it mean to be in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame?

    nothing…only that you seem to be popular.
    and believe me…ABBA IS more popular than rhcp

  • CMD313

    Wow, has anyone of you actually listened to ABBA beyond Money Money Money? Their less-known songs are really well-written, their lyrics are amazing. If nothing else, better than the verbal diarrhoea of Anthony Kiedis. 😉

  • Anthony

    Doesn't matter without John in the band this would have been hollow anyway had they made it in. I think they should just quit now. I have. No Frusciante no me. Later Peppers

  • Nemi

    haahaha I was like "huh??" when I heard that ABBA voted into the rockn'rollhalloffame… It was on the radio, and I can tell you, even swedish radio is like "huh?" even though ABBA are swedish and I don't know…we should be proud or something like that.
    The radio people was like "ABBA isn't even rock! and they weren't even that loved in the beginning, everybody who had their cds was ashamed and hid them until they suddenly went popular and everybody brought out their old records and showed them to others. at least in Sweden."
    they said that and I just sat there in the car next to my dad and wondered who the HELL wanted them in the rock n' roll-hall of fame in the first place? not us!! even though I've heard most of their songs and they are quite good and stuff it isn't rock
    RHCP should be in there!!

    and yes I am sorry for the lousy english but I think you got that I'm Swedish 😀

  • Matt

    john's still in the band.

    "Thank you every one for your support I did not leave and look forward to producing more music with RHCP."
    -from his twitter page.

    and that being said, screw the hall of fame. as long as the chilis have john, they're golden.

    • frankie

      haha. right. john is on twitter. best. joke. ever.
      and even if he were, i'm pretty sure he would write "everyone" right.

  • Iva

    Once again, that Twitter account is 99% fake. It has not been verified, the display picture is a bit too much of a show-off and tweets themselves are strange.

  • Matt

    ^ and the display pic being too much of a show off and the strange tweets make this a "less-credible" source, than an "unnamed source, close to the band" from Music Radar?

  • Iva

    Nobody said that all of this was true. But do you really think John would tweet his own lyrics and that he wouldn't have Twitter verify his account? Most of "celebrities'" accounts have a verified account seal.

    I work in social media amongst other things and well, I uncovered a bunch of hoaxes working on this very website, so I don't think I am wrong about this one.

  • Matt

    i'm not disputing the fact that the twitter account isn't real. in all likelihood it probably is fake. but if you're going to give some obscure, unknown sources some possible creedance, then you have to give all obscure, unknown sources that same regard.

    you're work record is no doubt impressive, but there isn't anyway that either of us can be 100% sure that this is or is not john tweeting, just as we can't be sure that this unnamed source, close to the band isn't just a bum off the street.

    i guess that was the only point i was trying to make. and as for what john would post on his account, i'm not him. i don't know his thought process. we can all speculate, but nothing about this whole 'john quitting rhcp' thing is 100% until we hear it from john or the band.

    til then, i say the "fake" twitter page should hold as much credibility as music radar's "unnamed source".

  • Flender

    Just want to say that ABBA ain’t so bad… Even john himself cover SOS as his solo on the stage back in 2007….

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