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Swahili Blonde news + a call to everyone going to the album release party

Swahili Blonde - Nicole and keyboards - decorative image thingFor all the fans of Swahili Blonde visiting Invisible Movement, here’s a compilation of news. There are good news, there are bad news and there’s a call-out. Happy-happy-joy-joy, wheeeeeee!

Show reminder – a call out to reporters
First of all, are you going to be at the album release party next week? Are you going to take a camera or a cameraphone with you (cameras are, of course, better, but whatev’). If you are, please contact me, as, in case some interesting people show up and actually DO something, that could be their first time in almost two years. Media and reviews will be more than wanted if that is the case. A volunteer to tweet live would also be a good idea.

Also, be aware that the above does not have to happen at all and that what you should really do is enjoy some good music that everyone can dance around to.

LeMampatee and Elixor Fixor free of charge
RCRDLBL have posted a little (p)review of Man Meat, explaining how the project came to be. It is a bit tongue-in-cheek and different people will get it differently…e.g. there’s a mention of “this guitarist named John Frusciante that we’ve never heard of”. However, next to this story, there’s a free track – LeMampatee, so go and grab it!

On the other side, here’s an article from the West Coast Sound blog, as they’re also offering a free track – the single Elixor Fixor.

Swahili Blonde – “Elixor Fixor” by Funny Ha Ha

Live session day prior to the release party to be recorded
Swahili Blonde will be doing a live session for dublab this Friday, the 09th of July. The session will be recorded by dublab’s very own recording engineer, Jake Viator. The session will be mixed within a couple weeks and aired on the website.

Elixor Fixor single has been cancelled
The label and the project have decided not to release the Elixor Fixor 7″. In case you had it ordered and have waited for it; Saki store, the distributor, will offer you the full LP for $5.50 instead of $15.00. Around late September, they will contact each of the people who had ordered the 7″ and give them a coupon that will not be valid for any other item at the store. If you had already oldered the LP, you’ll get $9.50 credit once it is ready to ship.

At the same time, the distributor does not guarantee the above date, which means this might happen later, too.

UPDATE – win tickets!
You have time until 4 PM USA Pacific Time to write to Grimy Goods and tell them why you’d want to win tickets for the Swahili Blonde’s album release party, also featuring We Are The World and Weave! Hurry up!

EDIT – Congratulations to our friend Mike who won the tickets. ^_^

UPDATE 2 – win even more tickets!
Los Angeles-based blog Rollo & Grady is giving away two pairs of tickets for the show. Please, email them at rollogrady@gmail.com and you might be the lucky one!

*Many thanks to Harry and Travis for the heads-up on the last thing and the project themselves for having posted the live session information on their Facebook fan page.

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