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John on a BIGDOXX + NDT track

BIGDOXX + NDT - Doxxology

BIGDOXX + NDT - Doxxology

Seems that the little group of the same talented artists that brought us the reverbelicious and tropiccy rhythms of Swahili Blonde never sleeps! They have another track out and John is playing guitar on it.

This time, it's DOXXOLOGY, a 1-track EP by Bigdoxx, whom we know from dropping some rhymes over Vagenda's tunes.

The song on the EP is called Indigenous Rhythm and's labelled as ac ollaboration between Kehinde "Doxx" Cunningham (raps) and Nicole Turley (everything else, apart from guitar and the lead vocals, done once again by Arianna Lady Basco).

You can check the track out for yourself, as usual. And re-embed it and spread if you like it! Its webpage exists, too.

Sadly, this appears not to be downloadable, just like Vagenda's songs; but there's a stream and that's more than enough to enjoy the music.

*Many thanks to Shalhevet for the heads-up.

  • albi

    who play the bass?

    • Iva

      Will try to find out, but I would assume it's Nicole herself, as from what we've seen earlier, she never fails to credit others. 🙂
      My recent post Da li žene znaju šta vole?

  • Adrien

    Gunna be honest here I can never get into this out of time whacky music... even if it has John on it.

    • Steve

      There's nothing out of time about this track.

    • Mar

      if this shock you, then my guess is you can't handle most dub versions and remixes normally found on mainstream artists singles, either. this is a very normal song.

      • Adrien

        not to sound like a dick here but this is nothing like mainstream... not that I listen to that crap anyway.

        • Mar

          dont get why you keep apologising to say ugly things. it doesnt make you any nicer !

  • Hollingdale

    This is big, I enjoy

  • Reolin

    Well, can't say I liked this.
    BTW, it seems to me that John still uses his DS2.

  • Jan

    there's the mp3. i got it from the site's source code. only 128kbit quality though...

  • idiotkid22

    Idk what everyone else is talkin about, this is sick!

  • Sophia

    i like it. it's different.

  • alex

    i like this, but is the rapper that really makes it good!

  • Kellee


  • Dig It, real nice!

  • Muo

    John should really collaborate with Kanye West.

    • Lizardqueen

      FUCK NO!!!

      • RHCPfanforlife

        Why not? it could sound kind of funky if it's done right.

        • because kanye west is a dick who writes shit music

    • Jordan

      That would be incredible. Good call. Two hard-working, musical geniuses at work right there.

  • Chin

    Wow John's guitar parts are amazing!

  • Daniela

    Nobody credited the rooster! Justice for the rooster! 😀

  • asdf

    Sorry but it can't get any worse.
    Johns guitar parts are great (as always) but it doesn't match to the rest...

    • lisa

      yeah as usual the guitar outshines the rest

  • johnfru34

    The flow is sweet. I like this Doxxology guy. I love almost everything john does, but this music and the stuff with Swahili Blonde doesn't do much for me. I think earlier in my obsessive love for anything he did I would have been raving about it just because it was something new from him, but I think i will wait for something with a little more substance than this most recent material.

  • Jake L.

    not even john's guitar can save this track..meh i hope 300+ songs are better than this

    (let the hate begin)

    • Eloise

      I couldn't agree more.

  • alkim

    i think, he must come back his own style which comes from jimi hendrix, hillel slovak etc. as immediate as possible =)) dont make them turn in their grave =)) i would like to see him as a more rocker and on rock project, im bored to see him in collaboration of rappers. We are wating to see his solo album performance like in 2005...

    • Caroline

      A phone call to John Frusciante from a random person called Alkim.


      Yup, sounds as stupid as it actuallz is.

      • Kris

        Alkim is entitled to his opinion still.

        • Caroline

          Yes, but he should not be demanding anything out of anyone or explaining views common to an average 5-year-old. Rock is awesome, rap is embarrassing? Will your friends ignore you for listening something nobody in your school likes? Will your friends ignore you if you don't use a smiley after mentioning graves?

          You guys are a bunch of assholes who think John Frusciante should do things to please you. No wonder he's not doing anything. Perhaps he should not do anything, ever.

          • Stanley

            Caroline is right, art is not about appeasing audiences, giving people what they want regardless of what you want, that's called entertainment, not art. It's also called selling out, which I bet people like Alkim, when asked, would say he's against, but doesn't even realize that's what he's telling John to do. He's entitled to his opinion, if he had just said this doesn't do anything for me, or even if he said it sucks, I'd be fine with it. But the minute you try to get an artist to do what you want him to, that's different. I'd rather John make music that doesn't appeal to me than music that appeals to me, as long as it's music that he wants to do and believes in.

    • Stanley

      An artist has the right and also the obligation to do whatever he feels like doing and be honest as a musician. Hendrix and slovak understood this, they're not turning in their graves because John is being true to himself, they're turning because people like you still exist. Hendrix himself was about to do a collaboration album with jazz musician mIles Davis just before he died. Genuine artists make whatever music that expresses themselves honestly whether it be Rock, Rap, Jazz, or whatever, they can move from one genre to another, then to another, or always stay in one genre, as long as they're being honest to themselves. You need to understand what art is, art is about expression, not your entertainment. An artist only has to express himself or herself honestly, make something they believe in, and if it happens to entertain you or me, then great, if it doesn't then leave it. What you're telling John to do is called selling out, making music to suit others, that's not what John, Jimi, or Hillel wants.

      • Anthony

        All due respect, one can't compare the song posted here to Miles Davis. Three words. Kind. Of. Blue. And, that's only the beginning of his legacy -- from a completely musical, non-commercial standpoint. There is a bigger problem (for lack of a better word) here. One is the extent to which technology is used, but I won't delve into that question here. The other is Dionysian vs. Apollonian art and the standards by which they are judged. I'll avoid that topic, too. Frankly, I just wanted to get some kind of think tank started, lol. Personally, I wish he'd avoid hip-hop collaborations altogether, but I'm not going to say it's wrong for him to do it. On the same terms, it's not wrong for me or "alkim" to wish for something else.

        • Anthony

          In addition, John has been known to invent new genres left and right, and when he does something like this, it's just kind of disappointing. It's slightly original, but it's not breaking any new ground. Quite frankly, laughable.

          • Stanley

            I won't argue your opinion of John's music, that wasn't the point of my post. It isn't wrong for you or Alkim to wish John did whatever. But Alkim didn't stop there, he went on to demand John stay away from Hip Hop. This isn't expressing an opinion anymore, it's asking John to sell out, not so much for money in this case, but for approval. That's something else entirely, and I would believe you'd feel the same. I'd feel the same even if i hated this song.

            Another thing you mentioned was the extent to which technology is used. Why is that relevant? An acoustic guitar is technology, a guitar plugged into an amplifier is going even further, where do you draw the line? You judge music on how it sounds, not the way in which it's made. You can say that music with a certain amount of technology involved is not to your taste, that's a valid opinion, but you cannot dismiss the music as something inherently lower purely based on the level of technology used.

  • HotRappinSon

    This is so shitty. John, WTF!!!!???? No one likes this. If you say that you do, look in the mirror and apologize to yourself for being a twat.

  • HotRappinSon

    This is so shitty. John, WTF!!!!???? No one likes this. If you say that you do, look in the mirror and apologize to yourself for being a twat.

    • Fuck off

      Fuck you, asshole. Gag yourself with a 23-inch cock.

  • WingsNthings

    This stuff is pretty out there I don't mind what the fuck john does. Doxx dosent sound to bad either...Now I'm just waiting for that next Rza & Nasa sound..Keep it man.

  • isaac

    this is good shit. Reminds me of some of the shit on wu tang's 8 diagrams, especially that bassline.

    if u don't like it, just say your ears don't agree with it. . no need for nasty words sad people. at least they're out there making music daily.

  • Eloise

    I am not going to subject my ears to this stuff again.

  • observer

    not the best music lol.. but its not rly john so im sure he doesnt take much pride in it

    • Stanley

      He plays guitar on it doesn't he? That's like saying his work on the Chilis isn't really his and he doesn't take much pride in it. If he doesn't take pride in everything he's involved with, he's not the genuine musician we all love.

      Just because you don't like it doesn't mean you should try to insinuate John doesn't either to validate your own opinion, just say you don't like it, I'd have no problem with that.

      • Minna

        So, Stanley, isn't it at the end Stanley who is having a problem with people saying whatever they say here ("I'd have no problem with that")?

        I don't know what he thinks or takes pride in, and even if I'd had the ability to see what others feel deep down, it might be that I still wouldn't like this musically any more than I do. But I still can appreciate him as an artist.

        This isn't music for my inner ear. It isn't the rapping (I do like some hip hop and Doxx doesn't sound bad), it isn't the use of electronics (I very much like electronic music), it isn't Nicole Turley (I do like some of the tracks she's done), it isn't the weirdness of it since to me this doesn't even sound "weird" or "new", it certainly isn't the guitar and so on... But I still don't like this, despite giving it a listen and not being even able to tell the reason why not.

        I didn't want to take part in this discussion, but it seems I did. Yes, I will not probably take much pride in doing that in the future... 🙂

        • Minna

          And yeah, I forgot...

          that I tried to say that not liking this particular track doesn't mean not appreciating that his done / being involved in it. For somebody else it could be "it" and "it"'s a lot. 🙂

    • RHCPfanforlife

      how can you possibly be sure that John doesn't take much pride in it? And so what if he does? there's nothing wrong with it. He doesn't have to keep playing the same sort of stuff over and over again, he's expanding and that's what makes him such a good guitarist. Your opinion is very childish.

  • RHCPfanforlife

    I don't get why everyone's saying this is crap. It's not the stuff I would normally listen to but it sounds OK to me. The singing at the start is a bit dodgy but the rest is alright and John's guitar is good too. I suggest to those who don't like it to expand your musical interests and at least give it a chance.

  • asdf

    Yeah most good albums only grow after you listen to it for a while like Niandra LaDes (in my case). But I listened to Swahili Blonde for a few times and I can say that this will never ever grow inside of me.

  • outerspace

    This sounds great, the dub reminds me of classic scientist from the eighties, and guitar sounds and hip-hop have been killin it since rock box. John will always bring the soulfulness, his tastefulness and humility is a reflection of his spiritual maturity. The issue of his commercial productivity is down to the fact he no longer hears the noise of a material world in his creational frequency.

  • outerspace

    This sounds great, the dub reminds me of classic scientist from the eighties, and guitar sounds and hip-hop have been killin it since rock box. John will always bring the soulfulness, his tastefulness and humility is a reflection of his spiritual maturity. The issue of his commercial productivity is down to the fact he no longer hears the noise of a material world in his creational frequency.

    • JohnsCareer

      Shut-up, retard. This music sucks, plain and simple. SUCKS!!!!!

  • Czu

    outerspace is dropping some serious knowledge.

  • mrnatural

    serioulsy people, have you never heard any hip hop in your life? its not amazing, but its good, and so is johns guitar. all the people writing hate comments on the song and people thumbing them up, shame on yoouuuu!!!!! music is about peace and love, you guys are a shame. john appreciates rap and you people should too. cmon, at least thumb this up to spread the message of peace and love 🙂 <3


    Sick tune bra

  • Michelle

    Avante-swarve. Sophisticatedly out there. Dig it. emM